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WindTapper's Blog

Website Design

Product Idea -- For "The Cloud" Crowd

Energy Conservation demands that we find a way to humidify our houses passively in the Winter, during the heating season. For the last 20 or so years we have employed humidifiers that run electric fans -- at least -- and possibly water heaters as well.

With central heating you already have a major fan blowing the hot air into our rooms. We need a passive humidifier which is actually pretty simple, to place next to the heating vents. We already use distilled water because all our local water comes from limestone lined aquifers that leave far too much calcium inside our pipes and within evaporation containers, btw.

A simple, small drying rack whose feet stand inside a plastic tub. That's all I'm asking for.

Surely some factory could make such items rather cheaply and ship them to the U.S.?

They should be called Passive Humidifiers or Energy Efficient Humidifiers. The consumer merely pours distilled water over a towel that hangs on the rack, with excess water descending in the tub. The tub can also be filled so that water is drawn up through the ends of the towel that is lying across the rack, to create a source of water when the warm air flows across the towel.

Details: The rack plus tub should be compatible with both the wall and the floor heating ducts, which are both aligned and adjacent to the bottom of outside walls.

Come on, somebody! This is a free product idea! Have at it!

Later Notes (11-21-15 5 a.m.): [Prices quoted here are OLD, out-of date!] Upon searching through Google Images under "Mini drying rack", the best - for the price and sizes -- that I found are one urbanclotheslines dot com, for $24.71.

BTW, makes you give them your email in order to shop there. I already get too much email, thank you very much. KTMart is in Korean, which I cannot understand. Bearstitches dot com wants you to download plans to make your own dryers, and I don't like to download stuff. Camping World has a sale, at $40.22. All of the above except for downloading a DIY project probably charge beaucoup bucks for shipping. Perhaps the kohls rack was too large.

Also, btw, some lovely drying racks for produce and herbs reminded me that this is the season for drying fruits, etc., if you are ever tempted to buy that papaya. Although, I froze the last one, cut up into little pieces and put into little bags inside a larger bag. The little pieces stick together, however, in the freezer bag....

inhousehydro had a dryracm for 30.99. I can't recall what I felt about that one, but sometimes size is too large, although, the price is more than the one at urbanclotheslines.

Part of the problem is finding a rack that whose feet will fit into a tub. That ain't goin' to happen anytime soon.

As stated earlier, prices were out-of-date. Upon purchasing from urbanclothesline I found the best price was $34 something. However, shipping costs were very minimal, at $3.99 for two 32 inch dryers, total. That ain't bad.

Nov 22, 2015:  Walmart had two or three short racks that I could use, so far, and they are very inexpensive. $10 for one, $15 for another. For under a table where the hot, dry air blasts our living room I put down a boot rack, a tray on the bottom shelf, and a wet towel that made it through the night still damp. The shoe rack expands tremendously, but was "repurposed" as a show rack over a cold air return where it would at least dry out any shoes that make it onto it....

WindAndWeather Dot Com

What lovely products are available from Wind And Weather! Except, their website is not fully functioning. I cannot place an order for any of their products. I wonder what's up with that?

Some of their whirligigs seem to have a stationary section inside the rotating blades, so I thought I might perhaps set a generator inside some blades, such as inside KA6609, for example. However, even though that item is on sale at the moment, the website will not let me "Continue" to make the purchase.

Oh well. They have so many great video's, too, of their whirligigs spinning.... on their website. Those videos work. Check 'em out!

"Halt and Catch Fire" on AMC

Woke up this morning and during breakfast I was reliving last evening's episode. It brings back memories of the 80's for me when I was majoring in computer science. I worked at a university library then, which was considering computerization.

I shudder to consider the trouble that "the manikin" can get into, stealing computer time from his main squeeze's father's company's mainframe. Is he going to steal it? Is he going to put the computer in jeopardy?

Kudos to Google Translate

Not that I am qualified to analyze a translator, I can't help but try to thank Google Translate for helping me out with a German comment on this site.

Google Translate lets you copy a whole passage, perhaps even a whole document, into its translator and gives an instant translation. Not only that, but phrases are highlighted between the two as you move your cursor so you can see which words refer to which phrases between the original and translated passages.

Gee. I wonder if it would work for Chinese? Oh yes. China has banned Google for its tracking. Too bad. Communication is good, in my humble opinion. Exactly what is being communicated may be the problem that China has with Google.

Climate Musings

So, now that The Dog Days of Summer are a wash -- please pardon the pun -- I wonder which way our year will go. Will the Dog Days merely be postponed, or does this portend a continuation of last Winter's harshness for the coming Winter?

Looking at the Weather Channel website, I see that last year's predictions for last year's Winter season did not come until October and November. But somebody must be working on this. Do I have to look at the Farmer's Almanac in order to get a clue? You'd think that somebody could make some sort of scientific prediction based on the current Jet Stream pattern.

I was hoping there was an easy way to send this question via the website to the Weather Channel folks, but so far I have not come across a question link. Perhaps I need to get hooked into their cell or Smart phone links?

Anyway, when I planted grass a few days ago, I knew that this was not the usual time to do such a thing. The Dog Days are typically very dry and very hot. However, we had about 24 hours of sprinkling and misting rain that -- by the way -- never showed up on the satellite pictures of radar on the radar channel.... Perfect for grass! Our little seeds are swelling up nicely!

Later Note (7-24-14): After I found our overnight temps are in the mid-50 degree range this morning, and the coming week is predicted to be relatively cold, I have decided that these events portend a cold, perhaps longer winter season. I sort of recall now that last July had some cool nights, more on the order of August, and that last winter was cold and long.

Also, we have not had much of a storm season in the Atlantic this summer so far. The Pacific is getting whacked big-time, though. Perhaps our heat has transferred itself to the Pacific? You know, the coal fired plants in China could be sending black smoke shading over to us in the U.S., thus cooling us.... But the normal 20-24 year cycle of warming and cooling of winters is, of course, also on track this year to deliver cold to us.

Progress Report

Putting up a new roof today. Just a new tarp, but one that is large enough to cover a 10 by 12 foot porch. Hopefully this one won't leak like a sieve the way the inexpensive Chinese greenhouse did. Still, I am using the frame from that greenhouse with flying buttresses added to hold up the tarp over all.

I learned a lesson that sailors probably learn on their very first day: "Tie her down quick, lads!" I had gotten it tied at the topmost level and laid out across the rest of the frame, then a wind came up and blew it back over the top. I was upset for a little while because I was trying to make a show at the theater, but I made it.

As for generators, I think I have a great idea that still needs development. I'm working on it. It is a somewhat complicated geometry problem made more difficult by my desire to have the building of it easy and inexpensive -- not to mention needing it to be made of aluminum in order to keep thieves off it, lol.

I keep reading out of the three books that I have on static electricity, plus I am developing a generator with recently promising ideas. My whirligig is spinning in the wind, also, to keep it in the testing phase of wind turbine design. I am thinking of adding some very heavy duty anchoring to the uppermost legs of the swing set, just in case kids decide to climb up there someday....

More later. I recently discovered I had forgotten to hit the "Publish" button when I put my blog as the "Home Page/" Folks have been stuck with something else for I don't know how long. It's a wonder I have any viewers at all, but my statistics show over 88 thousand visitors. I can assume that many of these are returning folks, but I guess that because there are so many people in China, is why they are number one in the viewer category. Number two is the Netherlands, where my webhost is based.... Number three is the U.S. and I suspect many hits from the U.S. are those drug dealers in Beverly Hills who keep trying to post advertisements in my comments. Seriously, they are trying to sell all kinds of home remedy, skin care, and Viagra-type drugs online these days... I won't allow comments to be posted without my authorization for this reason.

Dear Diary Again: Kali and the Holy Grail

Getting a new cat that has stiches, now, after being spade, means I am washing carpets and our kitchen floor more than usual these days. This certainly feels like a race to finish Spring Cleaning. She gets her stiches out on June 21, which is btw, usually the first day of Summer, so we have a conjunction of events this year.
Kali means cat in Egyptian. Googling more on Kali as a name I found Saint Sarah e Kali of Mediterranian France, and suddenly I was back in the Holy Grail of recent note. Sarah seems to have been a gypsy who worshipped the Indian Goddess Kali and supposedly served Mary Magdelen, a Martha, and another Mary who landed on France's shore in 42 A.D. In southern France she had a vision that she should help the Marys' boat ashore, and to my thinking, she then became their trusted servant, daughter and friend to them. She might have been fleeing something onshore, or puberty had given Sarah her vision -- again in my estimation -- for there seem to be three distinct versions of the story and this is a possible melding of all the versions. So, she could have been a servant, a gypsy, and an adopted daughter to the women simultaneously.
Actually it occurs to me that Sarah could have as easily been in the boat to start with as coming out from the shore to meet them. This is something I fear we will never know for sure, but it behooves us to be respectful of local legends -- Golden Rule, and all.
Oh yes. Thanks to all my sources on the web, including the Wikipedia. I wish I had money to donate to them....Gee. This reminds me of David Stockman's worry about lack of value in the U.S. compared to debt. Productivity is something that is difficult to measure, especially in the world of ideas. How much value does Wikipedia and all the search engines of the world add to the U.S. and to the world at large? These are more things we might never know....

Pix Practice w Iris

Can't get enough practice.
The pictures keep coming to the entry in reverse order of their input, for some unknown reason. No matter how hard I try, what I try, or where I put words into the entry. And the photos lack the blueness of the flowers.
I try and I try, but to no avail.

Short Sidewalk Rebuild -- Before Pix

A short sidewalk rebuild project is one of the near-term projects on my list. Here are the "Before" pix.
The grey bar at the bottom of the second photo is our front step. One of the upward lines on the sidewalk -- in the center-- is only weed growth, I think. I should probably clear a space for 2X4's to define the sides of the new sidewalk, before the Lamb's Ear mass of plant at the left -- hidden by Ground Ivy -- gets any larger, but I have so many things to do right now. Please see previous entry.
Oh yes. I plan to add two red squares of paving stone to the front stoop which might have subsided along with the back edge of the front sidewalk. The paving stone is wider than the stoop, so this will add another step to the cement project -- building a support that increases the width of the stoop.
I still have a problem with uploading pix. This problem arose after I tightened the security settings on my Java, so I might never get it fixed. Each picture uploads to the top of the entry, as I upload each of them, no matter what I have already entered in words. And the sidespace for comments on each picture is also completely caput.
I have not yet, however, looked into the possibility of changing the settings on my blog to fix the problem with uploading pics and commenting on them.

Ah Spring -- Projects

Creeping phlox is first. The next picture is from when we got some trees trimmed recently. The third photo is the current state of our shower rebuild project. The last picture shows how I draped thin plastic sheeting up the walls and across the bathroom floor prior to mixing the cement in a tray on the floor.
This website is giving me trouble. I might have to switch companies. Keeping my windtapper moniker is the question now.... The pictures all come out backward from how I enter them, and I cannot add comments beside them. Why and why not? I will have to call Vistaprint. Oh joy.

Misc. Projects Now

The white then green pipe above the ground is our furnace exhaust which now lets out onto the ground with no cover.  I am sorry that the aluminum sawhorse by the house reflects light like it is a white pipe, but it is not. The white beginning of the exhaust pipe goes relatively straight into the house.
                                                                                                              The next picture shows the 1/4 inch plywood I will cut. It has red markings for places I should not fasten it due to screws that will be behind the panel. The center hole will be made to accommodate the vent pipe that sticks further forward than I would have liked.
I will have to make paper templates of each wall in order to avoid trying to attach cement board in places where there is either air or already fastened woodscrews.
The third picture (below) shows where I put two reinforcements on the insides of the wall joists so that I can install the plywood panel flush with the wall joists.
At the bottom of the walls will be a cement floor. The joists will be covered with a grey rubber sheet, then cement board, adhesive, then tile.
The colored puzzle pieces on the floor are just rubber mats I use to kneel on. They were cheap toys from Walmart that I got from an outdoors sale in their parking lot last summer, for about $4. Several more came in the package -- yellow and red, dark blue come to mind....
I had to add wood to the sills around the base because the original shower used tile to define the limits of the cement floor. This was an incorrect design because water could then leak down the walls and into the basement. The orginal shower had no waterproofing behind the tiles, either.
I put backing within the lower parts of the shower walls, using, so far 27 three-inch #12 wood screws.
Our shower rebuild is progressing slowly. Once I get the first of a series figured out, then the next steps go a little bit faster. If I decried every delay I would be mighty sad, but I remember that the first is always the slowest.
To the left, off to the left of center are two tall locust trees sticking up above the center background of trees. The one on the right -- in the center of the picture -- will be cut down halfway, so that it won't fall on the power lines. The one on the left will be felled. It leans toward our septic system now. Both had poison ivy killing them. That will be a mess for me to clean up given that I am allergic to poison ivy, but the price on the tree trimming was far less when I said the trimmer could just leave all the wood lay.
For some reason my pictures have gone back to putting themselves at the top of my entries. This is how things were when I first came to VistaPrint. Anyway, this process now jumbles up my narrative-to-picture coordination. Sorry guys. Also, I now have extra space in my entry that should not be there, but in the Edit Screen I can't seem to get to the extra space in order to delete it. I'll have to "go figger."

Security Problems

Recently it has come to my attention that our computer is under attack and I am dealing with  security problems these days in addition to all our other projects. It will be unfortunate if I eventually have to give up this blog due to security concerns, but I will if I must.

Someday it might come to pass that the only way you will be able to access this information is by buying my book at Amazon dot com -- my book that is not yet written. Look for the keyword "WindTapper" if that happens....

Toot-a-loo for now, mes amies.

Aluminum Screen

OK. My next idea is to impregnate the inside surface of the cement generator housing with aluminum screening. This is to help slow the rotors down in storms with a metal that is less likely to create sparks. Also this could prevent the scoring of the surface of the cement, avoiding the creation of a weakness in the cement.

Perhaps I could think of a way to add more screening if I needed to reduce the diameter to cause more braking. I wonder whether plaster would stick to cement? The other reason for adding aluminum screening after the generator has been through several storms, is because the screening could get worn down over time.

Some sort of flexible aluminum grid -- flexible so that it would bend around the curve, but I think that the grid should be heavier than yer average screen door uses.

Again, on the other hand: Later Note: roof flashing comes mainly in aluminum, so I think that the best plan is to add another shelf or lip to the inside of the generator housing to hold a sheet of flashing up to where the magnet rotors could hit it. If it needs to be smaller diameter, then I could add padding behind the flashing -- say, fiberglass -- to enhance the braking feature.

Even though I will be stabilizing the turning radius at the bottom of the center pole, the top will still have some play, besides all the force of the wind blowing the center pole sideways all along its length.

And Oh By The Way, my readership has just plummeted to almost zero. I wonder what happened? Can school starting be the culprit, or has some search engine dropped me? Is Vistaprint now reporting the real number of hits rather than -- I suspect -- padding the number so as to keep me as a customer?

Dear Diary

Believe it or not, every day I do a little more work on my design for a structure to hold the coils and rotor of my wind powered electricity generator. First I make a drawing, then I think about how a part cast from cement of that shape would interact with the world and with itself. Then I come up with some proposed improvement, make a new drawing, thus looping through this development process.

It sure beats the hell out of building each idea before revising it -- particularly for cost savings, lol.

I am sorry now for your sake that I have an eraser because some of the steps in the development process are now lost, therefore. Also, I debate with myself over whether or not to post my designs on this website, and I keep coming back to the fact that I do not have enough money to apply for a Patent. $25,000 is the last quote for a minimum cost to apply for a Patent.

My goal is not to become rich, but rather, to survive -- both for my husband and myself, as well as for the human race. By posting my designs -- I have learned from somewhere -- I forfeit rights to Patent claims on these designs. I sure hope this does NOT give anybody else the right to claim Patent protection on my designs. That would make no sense.

So anyway, the other topic I wish to report here is that I am currently also mulling over the idea of testing algae CO2 absorption apparatus to help me heat our greenhouse. I will be adding another Subject at the bottom left of this Blog Webpage: "Algae CO2 Reduction."

AND ANOTHER THING! Mitt Romney was reported to say that you can't put a windmill on a car -- or some such -- meaning that you can't power a car with a windmill. POPPYCOCK! Electric cars now exist and windmills make electricity. Where is Romney's brain? Has he never heard of batteries?

Mylow Project

While surfing the YT fare for Howard Johnson magnetic motor videos I ran into Mylow's channel at Mylow's Channel. His older videos are not there. I wonder why?

Anyway, his newer video shows sort of half the circumference of a drum set-up packed with lined up bar magnets, while the rotor horseshoe magnet has three neodymium magnets on its back. It turns all the way around, then bounces off the starting point.

He should try this set-up with three or four rotor magnets so that there will always be two rotor magnets pushing when a single rotor magnet hits that start point. He has already proved that a bit of excess force will get the rotor magnet beyond the start point...

I write this here because no comments are allowed at his channel site. How can I talk to him?

I just subscribed to his channel. Maybe he will send me a message so I can get his email address?
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