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WindTapper's Blog



I left philosophy as a possible major in college once I came across the solipsism of phenomenology decades ago. Struggling with how to "prove" that others exist a la Descartes' "I think, therefore I am" I finally decided today to attack it with two prongs instead of only one.

We exist because I did not create the universe, and because successful communication requires mutual efforts.

So there.

Harvest Season

As summer is winding down, so are our tomato plants, although, some of them are 10-foot long vines, crawling over our 7-foot fencing and beyond.... Frost does not look to be coming anytime soon, though.

I recently changed our slideshow pix on our screensaver, from my husband's fishing adventures to a group from three years ago when our cats were new to us. One cat had been relatively recently born. I am very much enjoying watching and imagining his new brain and body trying to figure out what he was. It is as though consciousness is planted into bodies and we find out what we've become -- whether fish, fowl, cat, porpose, or human....

Btw, some fantastic sales at from Daedalus Books, Music & DVDs have kept me hopping lately. How's $4.98 vs $27 sound? Check it out. If you have their catalog, then when you search on their item number, they list other books on nearly the same topic.

My Amazon has stopped selling my books, it seems. Nothing sold since April. I guess this is because I rejected Amazon's requirement that we use Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I just got off Microsoft's program because it crashed too darn many times, plus Microsoft was guilty of unfair competition in the past. I wanted also to give other companies a chance to develop their web browsers, too. I might have to end my relationship with Amazon Seller Central if they don't relent....

Voting day is slowly approaching. Oct. 12th here in Ohio is the first day of early voting. I could not be surer of whom I am voting for: it's Hillary and the Dems all the way!
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