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WindTapper's Blog

April 2017

Piliated Pear Tree

So there I was lamenting how out of 40 grafts to our pear tree, none of them took, when along came a Piliated Woodpecker.

It started at the bottom of the tree, found an opening in the netting, and worked its way up to the top of the tree.

There it found itself trapped. What I usually do is wait until a trapped bird gets alarmed before I go to try to help it out.

As I was opening up the bottom of the netting -- as usual -- the bird figures out how to get out "when the going gets rough."

As I was cutting netting off the tree I discovered a few scions sprouting leaves! Hooray!

You can see a couple tomato cages I installed to hold the netting off the scions. These will be removed soon, I hope.     Happy Spring, Northern Hemisphere!


Taxes finished, now I can work on magnetics configurations, God willing. All those convoluted steps on the tax forms seem to have cleared my mind of several images that cluttered my mental drawing board. Now I have a new idea, which is exciting. However, it has its own possible flaws.

I am not as willing to share my ideas these days, as patent applications preclude previous publication.

One problem I was working on last week at least acknowledged, if not solving itself: The problem of a wind system set into a formerly useful chimney-flue has a precipitation foible. Either sheltering the system to ward off rainfall, or a drainage to direct the water to a drain, plus other protection for the magnetic-electrical components residing between top and bottom of the column....

Other news: pear tree grafting so far has a zero percent success rate. One scion shipper said the rate is normally 50%, so I'll wait a little longer before giving up. Is my tree actually a pear tree? Asian pears are round, but what if it is actually a crab apple tree? So ar the only leaves growing are on the root stock and on the scions that have yet to be grafted, which are sitting in water. Plus, I now have very sticky tape on the root stock, which I am at a quandary for how to remove it.

I think this website is not as productive as it used to be, so I am considering ending it. More on that later....

Also, comments to this website lately have been nonsense or random sets of characters. I do not approve these, and thus, they are not displayed. I won't let my website become a message board for gamers....

As I told one telemarketer a couple days ago, who was trying to sell me on employee services, I have no employees, not even myself. I have no product for sale. This is the design phase of my project. "It was a dream, some of us had." Nothing more.

But as "We are such stuff as dreams are made on" I'm not giving up. This project continues as my hobby -- hobby-horse, perhaps -- but still kicking. It keeps on ticking, even if off-line....
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