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WindTapper's Blog

February 2017

Spring Cleaning Ritual

I once took a correspondence course in great Greek Literature -- I think it was the course I'm thinking of. I took others, and the prof was from the English department, so I'm not sure. Anyway, he wanted an essay about some ritual in my life, describing the act of fulfilling the ritual. I assume the essay was meant to be full of feeling, viscerally connecting with the reader.

Since I am an atheist, and I assume he wanted something from my religious rituals, I had to write even harder. What an expression! "Write harder." OK. In other words, connect the reader's ability to imagine my feelings to the physical acts I was carrying out. Needless to say, it was difficult to connect a man to the joys of spring cleaning. I failed miserably to engage my one and only reader, I assume, because I did not receive an "A" grade.

Perhaps it was a technical writing course that I was trying to improve my "B" grade on. Someday I'll run into the paperwork somewhere and know the answer.

Anyway, what brings this topic up now is that I find myself drawn to Spring Cleaning. We have a week of 60 degree highs, and 70 on Friday. Besides grafting scions onto the Asian pear tree, finally re-connecting a toilet, and continuing my project of insulating our basement bathroom, I am drawn to washing windows, for example.

How do I convey the pleasure of feeling useful?

Dear Diary

The last two days I worked on grafting Bartlett pear scions onto our Asian pear tree. This is more difficult than you can imagine and I will try to spare you the details, but complications include birds and cats....

I've lost some weight lately, now that I've gotten hooked up with Metabolic Prime  and The Metabolic Factor. 5 lbs in two weeks. I took getting off carbs and sugar rather slowly, but that part of their program seems to be true. I only get inordinately hungry when I eat sugary things, and carb-laden stuff, so I'm on my way to losing mega pounds, eventually.

Before sleep, now that I've made my way through the two metabolic books, I'm reading what seems to be my favorite book. My favorite for decades was William Gibson's Neuromancer (1986), but I'm on my fourth reading of Tom Harper's The Lost Temple (2007, St Martin's Paperbacks). Neuromancer struck a chord with me because I'd been majoring in computer science 1980-83 and doing programming and research into artificial intelligence, epistemology, etc. The Lost Temple brings cultural history and pre-history into a fast-paced, visceral tale, pitting good and bad people against each other. I also enjoy it for its spelunking episodes, besides its history of early Western religion, myth, archaeology, and philology. Decoding is also in there. I guess my research into Shakespeare set me up to appreciate this book.

I have to go now.  Br-r-r-r. It's quite windy right now, and getting colder. We had 60 degrees for two days, but that's ending tonight.... Ta-Ta For Now, mes amies.


The Week magazine reports that there will be a vote in California on secession from these United States. Oh boy! Then we could kick out New York, where Trump has his principal domicile and declare him King of New York and invalid as President!

Just joking, folks. But think about it. If all the states were fiefdoms -- which they CERTAINLY are not now, lol -- Ohio could charge a border tax on all good shipped across itself. Heck. We could send up drones to record taxes from all the plane passengers and goods that fly over our fair state!

Toll booths on all our highways and bridges. The railroad trains would go bankrupt paying all the foreign duties levied by each state. Not sure how fees would be assessed on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, though.

Hell, let's be honest. We've already lost Michigan and Wisconsin to the oligarchs, and who ever thought the PEOPLE owned New York?.... Obamacare would become a  far distant legend, and so would any retirement plans, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, not to mention our armed services.....
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