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WindTapper's Blog

January 2017

It Keeps On Spinning

I was remembering how clunky my first whirligigs used to be, and decided to take a picture of my current experimental creation for you all. It spins silently and much more stably than my older creations did. Probably it is blurry due to its motion, plus this pic was cropped from a larger pic.

This is a long term test -- mostly of the swivel -- as the swivel has been used now for more than one year. You might remember the snowfall that destroyed the sun-weakened older blades by spring of 2016. That was the same swivel plus some grease -- mostly coconut oil.

Besides fewer blades cutting down on the sideways motions of the gig, the clunky older versions sometimes had a center pole plus additional layers of blades. When I add magnets into the mix, the sideways wind resistance will increase again, but hopefully not too much.

I am also considering how to curve the coils so they might still be cut by the magnetic flux lines when the gig goes off center due to sideways motions. But I'm also still toying with the center pole configuration, to have centered magnets rotating . . . .

Happy New Year!

Fifteen degrees is all we have here in southeast Ohio. Snow on the ground, too, that is the light and fluffy kind. No melting yet.

As I ponder this year's activities, I plan how I am going to trim what was supposed to be a Bartlett Pear tree. I can't wait to get started on that project, although, a good plan is actually a start.

I got the tree from Walmart and it was labelled Bartlett, but I don't think it was a Bartlett Pear. I had been wondering why the two Bartlett Pear trees I had previously had not leafed as red as this one in the Fall. We had tiny Asian pears this year. These were smaller than Crab Apples, so I'm calling it a proto-Asian Pear root. You see, all the limbs died off after I planted it under some Black Walnut trees. Bartlett doesn't mind the poisons that Black Walnuts produce constantly.

I let the root grow big -- as tall as the house -- but the fruit is only good for the squirrels and birds.

Now, the cats depend on that tree to get them away from the dogs, foxes, and coywolves that we have around here. So, instead of cutting the tree off at 30 inches high and grafting to its top, I will cut the branches off at the point the cats stop using them, and graft to the branches. I should be able to get 30 or 40 grafts onto this proto-Asian Pear, but this time they will be Bartlett grafts.
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