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WindTapper's Blog

November 2016

"Veentaire ees a'coomin een"

I don't know where my title's quote comes from and I spelled it like it sounds. I suppose it is German or Dutch, too, but it is apt, considering what our weather radar looks like right now. The freezing rain will start here in a couple hours, and it looks like snow is coming later, all across the Midwest.

Yesterday was glorious at 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Ah, there's another German word.

I was supposed to get our front ditch squared away yesterday, but I just couldn't do it. Lately I've been trying to get my sleep schedule back to normal, and this results in my being slower overall. Today I get another window on the ditch work before temperatures actually plummet tonight.

We had this water problem in our front yard this Fall, with the Water Dept. guys digging it up three times. One time they also took out the correct geometry of the road versus our ditch, so my landscaping job is even more difficult than making a clear shot for the runoff. We are at the bottom of two hills, with a creek that receives all the runoff.

When the Township built a new bridge they added big rocks where our runoff used to go, plus a guardrail pens in my efforts at ditch construction on that end. So anyway, I'll be busy this afternoon, after the rain stops. ...

Wishing For The Donald

As I was waking up this morning -- you know, the place between awake and sleep -- I found myself wishing that The Donald would freely deport himself back to the billionaire SHALLOWS from which he sprang. Oh -- that's right -- Number one, he will probably never leave There, and Two, I guess we'll have to rename our country, "America, The Shallow."

Reading and Movie Comments

The Accountant I found pleasantly and deliciously unpleasing, morally complicated; Dr. Strange less so, although its graphics were good.

The King of Infinite Space: Euclid and His Elements compares extremely favorably against A Universe From Nothing. After being reminded by David Berlinski of my many philosophical questions about Euclid's Elements, I was pleasantly surprised to be informed of several philosophers who had the same questions. I am not alone, after all.... I will continue my foray into elementary mathematics with Euclid. I am on a quest to see the pictoral/geometric, then the algebraic proof of the Pythagorian Theorem, btw.

On the other hand, I have a few questions of Berlinski as well. My margin notes say: "A point is not a thing. It is an abstract place." This reminds me of possibilities for sci fi stories within Euclidian and non-Euclidian spaces....

Trying to understand the quantum universe, I am trying to understand Lawrence M. Krauss's supposed explanations "for the layman" in A Universe from Nothing: Why there is something rather than nothing. However, his essays jump around and since they lack actual mathematics, perhaps, I cannot find a discernible sequence to his reportage of physics logic.

A Very Sad Day For Environmentalism

Barring vote counting irregularity revelations -- which will always be possible given computer counting of ballots -- President-elect Donald Trump's attitude toward reducing carbon emissions portends a VERY bleak outlook for reduction of global warming.

While Hillary promised to retrain coal miners for environmentally progressive careers in solar and wind energy production, The Donald promised to restore black-lung and carbon emission-producing coal mining. Way to go Donald! Buy votes in coal mining states, thereby promising to continue flooding low-lying coastal areas, and continue to burn the Southwest, and dry out our southern states.

It's going to be a VERY long 4 years, except that The Donald might find a way to shorten all our lives with his hands on "The Button" -- KNOCK WOOD! And not only that, but since he has no idea of how his low-class, but very public blustering can anger foreign leaders such as reside in other nuclear powers.... I shudder to think.....

All we can do is keep working on alternative energy production to try to counteract The Donald's vote-buying strategies. My commitment to wind and solar power has just increased immeasurably.

Later Note (11/9/16): Wait a minute. "Hillary won in the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College"? This reported on PBS today. The Electoral College does not actually vote until January 2017, folks. This gives us time to dig up whatever dirt we can find on Trump and change the minds of the electors. Tee Hee. Or The Donald might do something grossly negligent, perhaps, but I doubt it. Anyway, that's what the Electoral College is for, after all, to protect us against someone found to be grossly unfit for the office of the Presidency, before he takes office officially.

Later Note (Veterans Day): Thinking that Jill Stein pulled off another destructive, Nadorite coup is tempting; however, the Electoral College aspect of our democracy inserts the Constitutional Convention's compromise into our selection of President. Like the Senate, which gives 2 votes to each state, regardless of its population totals, the Electoral College provides a hedge against the most populous states' citizens dictatorial power over the rural and relatively unpopulated states. As the electoral maps all showed, a handful of coastal states went for Hillary, while the vast middle of the lower 48 went the other way. So, our most populous states: New York and California cannot dictate to all the rest of us.

I still shudder to think what The Donald and his progeny will do to us, but we were all pretty much expecting some sort of Armagedan anyway, don't you think? "Live and Learn" and "Adapt or Die" are the only platitudes I can muster, right now.
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