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WindTapper's Blog

May 2016

"Wreck-It Ralph" Viewing

On the "FREEFORM" channel in a couple minutes the 3 1/2 Star animated Disney film starts. From the IMDB description I wonder if it is the fantasy behind people thinking that Trump and Bush (the younger) were good ideas. Unfortunately, the title of the movie makes me worry that ISIS and the Taliban also draw fantastical strength from an idea that "wrecking things" somehow might possibly make a "better world"?

Shudder.... I will try to watch the movie now and get back to you on these first impressions.

Later Notes (5/15/16 3 PM): Sorry, but I fell asleep during this movie because it is, after all, made for juveniles, and because I am chronically short on sleep. I struggle with sleep deprivation every day, btw. This is why I unplug two of five phones during the day -- the ones for which the "Do Not Call" regime has no noticeable effect. By grabbing cat naps throughout the day I cobble together some set of 1/2 hour naps to equal perhaps 7 hours within 24 hours.

Now, back to the movie. It came out in 2012, so perhaps it speaks to Kim jung on's juvenile behaviors, for which no one can blame him since his is actually a young person. He needs guidance as to the ways of the world regarding socialization. Opting for destructive force as one's first response to imagined or perceived threats nets equally destructive reactions from the environment which one is trying to guard against, causing rather than preventing the outside boogeymen, so as to speak. This reminds me of the book Memory's Voice -- which I highly recommend. In it, the dysfunctional behaviors were caused by an expectation that the world was made of threatening, destructive, violent individuals and the dysfunctional individual did not feel comfortable with the world unless she actually caused such scenarios where she had not found them around herself.....

I am sorry that I fell asleep in the movie, but I also noticed the lessons for and about female behaviors as well as attitudes toward females, which is something Trump might have remembered before insulting females in his rhetorical rantings. Of course, he rails against the idea of having to be politically correct, but many of us cannot see how his worldview could be large enough to be able to handle the job he is seeking. We cringe to think of him being successful in his bid for the Presidency of the United States....

New Gig

Not much but rain happening here, and the new whirligig that I just made. It seems to fly more stably, so far, anyway. I feel it is easier to look at, as well as being silent.

Oh yeah. Just so you don't forget who I used to be, y'all.

Now back to your regularly (lol) scheduled programming:

Spring Chores

This is perhaps one of the busiest times of the year for me. Harvest time is also busy, but Spring Cleaning plus getting back into shape for yard work, plus Spring planting season all crowd together nowadays.

I still wistfully gaze at possible designs for generating electrons via friction from sand, with noise reduction ever in mind; plus ever keeping vibrations to a minimum on our hillside which could slide anytime it feels like it, helped along by wet clay during rainstorms....

Mother's Day was mildly amusing, which sometimes "is just what the doctor ordered," compared to end-of-the-world sci fi or cartoon characters, for a change.

Don Quixote by Cervantes Continues

72% into this e-book now on Kindle, getting up to "duennas" whose faces have been "turned into forests" I find I have been wondering for a few days now about sources for some of the elements Cervantes' work has in common with Shakespeare's work.

The treatment of a person considered to be a "lowlife" by an upperclass family as though they were royalty, as in Shakespeare's perhaps earliest play, containing "Kiss Me Kate." This brings to mind the conspiracies to have fun at others' expense of Twelfth Night Or What You Will -- both the bilking of the French transvestite D'Anjue (Andrew) by the Queen's avuncular crowd, and their teasing of Giordano Bruno (Malvoleo). Since Queen Elizabeth (Caesario) is also a transvestite, and Francis Bacon (Sir Toby) marries a very young female "beneath his station" the latter play has plenty of background to recommend it; but it is the earlier vignette of Shakespeare's drunkard who gets wined and dined by rich people that makes me wonder what earlier source both authors drew on, if not each other, since they were contemporaries. Actually this part of Cervantes is dated 1614.

Oh yes. Sancho Panza is promised to become governor of an island, and of course, exploration in the New World could have inspired that as well as the setting for The Tempest, but the slap stick performances of lower class individuals has too much in common. I guess that European culture did travel -- no doubt through Italy, which is closer to Spain than to England. It is the French, though, whom I believe Cervantes was teasing the most, through his never-ending criticism of chivalric knighthood.

Every 2 percent or so I swear that this book is never-ending, and wish that it had never been written, but I still marvel at what it tells me about shared culture across European vistas.

ReTrumplicans Anyone?

I heard a quote of Trump, but can't remember it exactly. He said he was going to either [something] the Republican Party or "blow it up." Well, folks, shall we rename the Republican Party ReTrumplicans now that his nearest competitor has bailed out of the race?
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