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WindTapper's Blog

February 2016

2 Degrees Last Night

An earlier entry described oscillations of an electrical wire strung between our porch and some parking lot lights maybe 1/4 mile away. That time the oscillations occurred at 10 degrees. This time it was at 2 degrees when I happened to go out and see the oscillations at roughly 3 to 4 beats per second, causing the light across the way to blink on and off at that rate.

This time the line was not aligned with two lights, causing them to blink oppositely. This time only one light blinked for each wave. The temperature causes the line as a whole to raise or lower -- lower for higher temps. So, the line does not cross the lights from our perspective above 10 degrees or so.....

Still Spinning

My battered and beat-up old whirligig spins steadily and silently in the night with 2-3 inches of snow on it. Picture to follow, after the sun comes out.

Later Note: Nine hours later no sun shines. It is still snowing and the old gig still spins silently and steadily:

Just A Note

I am currently working on finding wind-powered tribo-electric ideas to test. Tribo-electric refers to friction. But the  related area is to passively collect oppositely charged ions, then brush them over to collectors that can channel the charges into charging circuitry. The greatest difficulties being how to harness electricity zaps from static discharges, and how to build up to 14.4 volts if steadier, less high-voltage sources are used.

Capacitors as Batteries

I am investigating supercapacitors now, and will place links here as I work to understand their potentials.

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