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WindTapper's Blog

August 2015

Lotsa Plans

Evaluation of my brain after my head injury in 1993 came up with the ideas that my sequencing and therefore my planning was lacking. Well, my sequencing does leave something to be desired -- evidenced by my willingness to advertise before having an actual product to sell. Planning, on the other hand, is in abundant supply, if, admittedly lacking due to sequencing issues.

I also do more thinking than acting, which, as parents are wont to say, "Think before you leap," tells me is not all bad.

Lately I keep repeatedly reading pages from Just In Time: Algebra & Trigonometry for Early Transcendental Calculus. I finally figured out that in addition to this book's having some good algebra review, it helps make up for a lack of pointed trigonometry study in high school. We had very good algebra, but, since I skipped 12th grade, I didn't get trig in high school.

Now, what has this to do with planning? Well, some things get out of sequence by themselves, such as my education being disrupted by a divorce in the family. So now I am trying to recapture the good parts of my education, in regards to the physics I am trying to accomplish now, while adding parts that I never really absorbed from anywhere.

On the other hand, I am planning on buying some new anchors -- three of them -- that have the small and very round loops at their tops. These will anchor my electricity generators that will be driven by the wind.

Other experiments are also in the offing, these being more electro-chemical in that they should generate and collect positive and negative ions....


Sorry I seem to have been away from here, and that I am making what also seems to be very poor progress, timewise, on these projects. Perhaps it would help if you think of these delays as "compute cycles." That is, I have been running through several designs in my mind over the last few months. As I try to work out individual aspects of each design, time passes before I finally realize that any particular avenue of investigation is going to net no new product because one or more aspect of the design has insurmountable obstacles for either its completion, strength or efficacy.

So many considerations have to be factored into each design that I have expended mega compute cycles while trying to avoid the mega pitfalls and development costs that trial and error would create had I actually attempted to build all my designs for wind-powered electricity generators. 

I am back now to the central, rotating, singly stacked, strong magnets design. The holdup here is finding exactly dimensioned, but strong, and thin, plastic pipe to house the stack of central magnets.

Somewhere, somehow, I must find this. I have the idea that the plastic toilet roll caddy will house the coils around the central magnets.

Electro Vent

Watching "How It's Made" the other day, we caught the segment showing how small windmills are made up in Quebec Province, Canada, by Electro Vent. I was very impressed by all the features on this company's product, including a braking system for high winds, as well as a compact set of components for voltage regulation and generation by alternator.

The prices for their products are quite affordable. The website is in French, with a more-or-less translation following in English. Several other features impressed me but I can't recall them presently. (Please see

I had been considering buying a bunch of these to make a generating bank, but I am sorry to say the company advocates placing these windmills up off the near ground where I am finding winds for powering our own whirligigs. So, our niche seems secure for now....
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