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WindTapper's Blog

June 2015

Rubber Meets Road

My summer vacation is now OVER! Now is when the rubber meets the road, particularly on the shower rebuild project.

Gathering up all the tools and materials is part of the task. Those have gotten scattered over the last year, but I am not going to wait to find ALL the tools and materials before I get back to WORK!

It is almost fortunate that the ground outside is far too saturated from Tropical Depression Bill for me to even mow properly. Lots of that yard work gets to wait until the ground stops being a soupy mess. I already picked up the flood debris -- for the most part, although some of it crops up unexpectedly now and then....

What am I doing still sitting here typing? I have work to do!

Tropical Depression Bill Hits Us

We got wave after wave of torrential rain today. Four or five of them. The last one flooded us, but our septic tank levy held up nicely.

We only got a little bit of water in our basement along the front wall. I suppose the front gutter couldn't handle all the water, somehow. I had thought it was all cleared out and so, did not keep an eye on it.

A few pix:
No adverse affects around the septic tank. Yay!

Our little lane, however, was impassable for an hour or so.

Cat Trapping

Last year I got a good deal on some live traps at Tractor Supply so I could help with Humane Society endeavors to help with local feral cat populations. We've been trapping cats, taking them to vets to be checked out for leukemia, and neutering them. Some have gotten adopted, while at least one was released back to where it came from.

That's what I am doing this evening, except the cat that I am trying to catch is sick. We want to take it to a vet to have it checked out. If it is terminal I suppose the vet will put it down. But so far, it is hiding. I hope it is just resting.....

"Halt and Catch Fire" on AMC

Woke up this morning and during breakfast I was reliving last evening's episode. It brings back memories of the 80's for me when I was majoring in computer science. I worked at a university library then, which was considering computerization.

I shudder to consider the trouble that "the manikin" can get into, stealing computer time from his main squeeze's father's company's mainframe. Is he going to steal it? Is he going to put the computer in jeopardy?

Movies and I

I am not quite the movie buff/bug that I used to be since my income has plummeted in my retirement. I am having to ration my theater experiences with the hopes that movies will show up on TV in future. I try to only go to the ones that I really want to see on the big screen or in 3D and since my taste runs to Sci Fi, this leaves out all the light comedies, musicals, murder mysteries, chick flicks, etc.

I also try to go by the adage, "If you don't have anything good to say about [X] then don't say anything at all."

I enjoyed Aloha, btw, but I am not from Hawaii, where the locals seem to have ostracized it for its lack of local talent. I thought it unfortunate that Hawaiian lore was relegated to young persons' interest, and practiced by the dark of night. As an outsider to Hawaiian beliefs, I felt privileged to be allowed to glimpse any part of Hawaiian natural philosophy, but have no idea how accurate the movie was.

Jurassic World had graphics much better than I expected from only viewing the advertisements. I had been expecting a sort of cartoon, which it was not -- in feel. Unfortunately, the makers seemed to put all their efforts only in the visual aspects, completely dissing the music. I notice also (I think) there were no "Foley artists" in the credits. Only five named tunes, only a few seconds of the original theme deep into the credits. The first three of this group had such delightful background music that was eminently appropriate to each scene.

Later, I saw an advertisement for a Lego game that seems to have captured all the sound effects and music from Jurassic park. I guess there was some kind of deal made for some unknown reason to move the best music and sound effects over to that game for kids. I guess it was a business decision based on longevity of revenue stream or some such.

I was very uncomfortable with the idea of getting and keeping the Raptor heads bound and gagged. I can't imagine how anyone could have accomplished that feat, and I can't believe the Raptor and T Rex could come to an understanding at the end because they had fought the same engineered monster because wild animals just don't do that.

But I saw it in 3D and it was well worth the money, although, the droning in the middle was very difficult for me to stay awake during -- but that's just me. Darkness made up for lack of detail when they came to the now ancient old building, or so the makers must have thought.

Fruit Trees This Year

We have a cherry crop ripening as we speak. The robins are chowing down very happily, however. I actually planted Russian Mulberry and cherry trees for the birds, though. Since we have only two cherry trees and they are only a few years old, I did not expect to get enough to can or make jelly, anyway. I'd need a whole lot more trees in order to get enough to feed the birds and ourselves.

The Bartlett Pear didn't make more than a few sprigs of blossoms this year. I guess the poison ivy poison affected it the same as it affected the Day Lillies -- making them both less productive this year.

Likewise, the apricot and two apple trees have not had a blooming year yet. The peach tree surprised me by not having blossoms, either, but we had a late spring.

I've been freezing and thawing a bunch of Bing Cherry seeds lately and will try to get them to sprout. But the peach pits I had saved from last year look as though they already sprouted, so I mustn't freeze them. I will plant them after soaking them several hours in water with the cherry pits.

I hope to let you know how those turn out.

I also hope to work a lot this month on the shower rebuild project, but it will have to wait a few days because I twisted my knee on Monday. A couple days of babying the knee, keeping it cool, will be needed if it is to heal as fast as possible. So, I am cooling my heals, as they say for a few days.

Happy Spring and Summer, dudettes and dudes!

(6-12-2015) Later Notes: A squirrel was chomping on the cherries yesterday, and as I watched the robins again enjoying the cherries today, I realized that all my work at trying to plant the pits is probably not necessary. The birds are distributing the pits all over the neighborhood!

Dear Diary

1. Yardwork is intense this time of the year. Details are too boring to mention.

2. Have gotten back into Calculus Made Easy and was enjoying the first couple chapters better than the first three Preliminary chapters, but then it got way too easy, so I slacked off again.

3. Moved on to exploring added and alternative added coils for the generator. The purpose is to possibly grab some more power in a transformer-induction sort of way. The problem with that is "blow-back" on the original coils. Imagining the sequences of induction among the coils is intriguing to say the least. But then I started wondering about removing the blow-back by putting, say, aluminum screen among the coils.

Then, of course, I started wondering about the possibility of grabbing small amounts of power (potential differences or voltage differences) among the ends of the screens, to be stored in capacitors. That is a whole 'nother ball o' wax, lol, but interesting to ponder.

So anyway, I didn't want you guys to think I forgot you or about working on the generator.

4. I still work on the overall structure of the hanger-anchor-central pole-torque driver configuration possibilities -- practically every day at some time or other during spare moments.

5. Organizing my workspace is another large project, in addition to sewing, cooking, putting up a shed, cleaning, paint scraping, more cleaning, etc. etc.

6. Oh yes. Movie going. Mad Max turned out to be pro feminist; San Andreas was a gripping disaster movie, but another anti-rich guy scenario and unfair to a guy who'd been hit in the head by a chunk of cement and therefore in a dazed state when he ran off and left a woman behind during an earthquake. Aloha was a bit of fun, as chick flicks go, but the droning music near its end put me to sleep. That is a constant problem with me and movies. Even action films with droning music put me to sleep, especially in the afternoon. I guess I lived in Colorado too long and got used to 4 a.m. awakenings with siestas and shift work.

7. My van developed a noise in one of its wheels that has eluded repair, but I am working on it.... It is not the brakes -- got those checked. It is not the wheel alignment -- got those done. Next I am trying tire air pressure because the weather is warmer and the warmer weather coincides with the noise in the wheel. I think our mechanic explained this a couple years ago and it has something to do with the design of the various parts of the truck that come together at the wheel, but I can't remember exactly how we fixed it then....

8. I gotta go clear out my email. Toot-a-loo for now, mes amies.
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