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WindTapper's Blog

February 2015

Dear Diary -- Always Something

"There's always some d--- thing" is one of the common sayings for why progress is not accomplished faster in some area, or why there is never "clear sailing" in actual practice.

Our dryer crapped out on us and I have been tearing it down, cleaning it out, rebuilding, and retesting -- all to no avail. Near as I can figger, pumpkin seeds in the aprons we use were neglected prior to washing and drying them. The aprons also have long ties that could get caught in the thin space around the rim of the drier. I don't know....

As for the Academy Awards, I was pleased that somebody else felt the way I did about Birdman, Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. I gather that most people did not see that movie since it was only on at the art theater in our town. It helped me through the great trauma of learning about Robin Williams' suicide and the reasons for his suicide....

Hopefully next week will start the process toward Spring. Yay! The snow is too thick 'round heah and the air is too d----- cold!

I have spent several evenings reading and studying Tipton's physics books, including the study guide for electricity and magnetism. I got an 80% on the first self-test, but they give you the answers so you can study up and figure out what went wrong.... It is nice they put some of the problems into personal terms so you can feel connected to the matters about which you are studying.

The Weather Channel is going to show a new program, starting March 22. I can't remember what it is called, but the advertisement always -- so far -- shows a homemade windmill. I caught one guy saying, after the windmill shows, "I just made nature my bitch!"  I felt like a pig when my whirligigs were first twirling in the wind, for all the electricity the wind could be generating off my whirligigs for free. Too bad it is taking me so long to design a generator. I am still working on that in my spare time though.

Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist, or too poor. I just don't want to build something that is not going to work or be inefficient, pollute, or not be safe for casual passersby....

CO or CO2 Detector Alert!

The pipes in which I put lime, attached to our furnace exhaust, I just broke apart because our CO or CO2 detector went off and it did not seem to be a simple low battery signal. The weather has been below zero for more than one day now, and will be so again, later this week.

I guess the pipes got clogged with frozen moisture from the exhaust, although, there was still exhaust coming out the far end. I don't feel like messing with it outside in this weather, so I just finally decided to break the joints apart all the way back to the house so there is no possibility of screwing up our air.

At first I thought the wind was simply blowing in exactly the wrong direction, bringing the exhaust to our back door, but later I went out to examine the far end. It was frozen to the surface on which it sat, so it could not be moved. I didn't like the lack of full pressure on the far end. Some exhaust came out there, but I could only really feel the exhaust coming from one outlet -- not both.

I did not see an obstruction beyond a few moderate blocks of ice which were easy to remove, on the far end of the pipe, but there might be a blockage inside the middle pipe. The first pipe had only the normal layer of lime near the beginning of the pipe. The layer of carbon attached to the lime is not great enough to justify taking risks of CO or CO2 poisoning.

Aw. I should go out and look at the middle pipe.

I'll be back in a few minutes.

Later Note: Perhaps my wet hair in curlers got freeze dried, lol. Anyway, I have pictures of all the pipes being clear. Also, I have pix of big piles of ice underneath where each joint of the pipes laid. So, if you are trying this and the weather is very cold, I recommend that you disconnect your pipes. When ice builds up at the end, it might put too much back pressure on the exhaust fan. I did not seal each joint, by the way, which allowed moisture to drip out at each joint. If you sealed yours, you are already dead from the exhaust backing up into your house if your pipes got clogged anywhere and you did not take the precaution of having a COCO2 detector.

After I disconnected the extra piping, I watched the vapor coming from the furnace, right by the egress at the outside wall of the house. The vapor was not continuous. There might be a pool of water somewhere, I guess, inside the furnace. This experiment seems to create extra stress on the exhaust fan, so don't try this CO2 reduction experiment!

Above shows a pile of ice that formed under the first large pipe junction. Successively smaller ice piles formed at each later junction.

All the pipes were clear inside except for some ice at the far end of the last pipe.

Snow accumulation. Temps indicate 16 - 21 degrees Fahrenheit -- with two thermometers at 5 p.m. For some reason our weather channel no longer tells our temp. Go figger. Temps are dropping, however, an hour later. I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Very sorry for Boston roofs.

Dear Diary -- Shorts and Wiring

Very cold and blizzardy here today.

Last evening I spent some more time working on wiring geometries for a wind powered electricity generator. Central, turning magnets with like poles facing each other inside of a plastic pipe that keeps them vertically aligned and protected from abrasion. The column of magnets is hung from a swivel at the center of the turbine which revolves horizontally with multiple levels.

The turbine blades are not connected to the middle of the plastic pipe, but rather, to its top at a swiveled joint.

My wiring diagram is on paper, but I hope to build it someday.

Recently watched Trek Nation in the middle of one night, concerning the son of Gene Rodenberry, etc. I saw all the "Shorts Nominated for Oscars" at our local art theater. I will have to review the lists of Live and Animated shorts before I make statements about what I think should receive Oscars out of the choices. From a personal standpoint, Aya and The Dam Keeper have stuck with my psyche most, although, the Pixar film is most technically proficient. Oh yes. I wanted the "Butter" live short to win because it has much human interest. Aya is a bit too crazy for my taste. And the Irish chicken film was lovely.

"Butter" lacks an intentional narrative while its sets are extremely simple, so, while I really liked watching this one for anthropological study, as yer intentionally crafted film goes, it is wanting.

Dear Diary

Blizzard here. Back porch is wonderful for watching the blizzard! So far the covering has stayed in one piece and protects the porch from most of the snow. It is breezy, to be sure, but that's the way I like it! It is wonderful watching the blowing snow as long as I have a cozy place so near to return to....

Some thoughts on the connections within my wind turbine have been cropping up now and then, but I am still pondering ways to lessen stresses while controlling the horizontal movements as much as possible during high wind events. The blizzard does not photograph well, but here's proof my turbine is still up during winter. Neither does the photo show its movements. Sorry. I haven't yet set up a web cam. That comes when I have a working generator, y'all, lol.

Waiting for the plumber to install a new kitchen faucet has taken two days so far. Tomorrow is the last word I received this morning. They had other priorities. Prioritizing I understand, but our dryer is also on hold until the repairman decides to come back to fix it. In the meantime I could attempt repairs myself, but I have lots of other projects going on. And so it goes for all of us.

Cats seem very happy since we gave away The Dominator cat. Unfortunately, The Dominator left the new owner's care. The Dominator is a resourceful cat, however. I am sure he is wherever he wants to be. I feel fortunate that he is not in the same watershed as we are in. This way, he probably won't find his way back here to devil our other cats because he is a creek cat. That is, he is very used to living by creeks. He knows how to catch the little critters that live in and around creeks.

I think that a pair of squirrels has set up housekeeping nearby, probably because The Dominator is gone. We will probably be seeing some young squirrels this year.

Oh yes. Now I go back to working on building a cat door, now that I know the plumber won't come until at least tomorrow. But we figure he will have more emergency calls now that the Arctic blizzard is upon us. This weekend will get down to 2 degrees, The Weather Channel predicts. It is just as well I don't have the cat door ready yet because I haven't fully figured out how to stop wind from blowing around its edges. A foyer or atrium on each side of the door might help, but on the outside, that's a lot of sawing of plywood.

Gotta go. Oh yes. I finally started reading my subscription of "Renewable Energy News" with an article on green battery preliminary development directions. That's right up my alley!
Ta ta for now, mes amies.

Later Pix (w/sun):

Just to show movement:

"Jupiter Ascending"

From the trailer I am reminded of the Beatles' "Dirty Old Man" and its "[She] takes him out to look at the queen -- only place he's ever been...". I looked up the date on that song -- 1969 -- to compare it to "Aqualung" of Jethro Tull --1971. It has been fun watching and listening to the YOUTUBE videos of those songs.

Some other things that bother me about the premiss of this movie: 1. "Genetic inheritance" making the heroine a queen smacks of KuKluxKlan and Neo-Nazi rhetoric; 2. The adolescent girl dreaming of a better fate, and getting it through her genes. Look at the granddaughter of Picasso these days in the news. She is striking back at the art complex through her actions -- perhaps giving art away to worthy causes and bypassing the art dealer complex.

I have yet to view this movie and will probably do so out of boredom, or for the action that is promised by the trailer, but I still have my objections to its trailer's premiss....

Later Notes (2-10-15): Inventory of Bad vs Good "Guys": 1. Bad: Mercenaries working for bad Monarchs/Princes/Queens are either Black, Asian, or Space aliens; Bad aristocracy are pointedly parasitic oligarch capitalists and either old, effeminately male, or so clean shaven as to be bordering on boyhood. 2. Good guys are either macho/grizzled males or downtrodden recently immigrated alien low-class, low-paid workers.

The music at the end was distinctly Russian but the movie was made in Britain. From The Imitation Game we learned that Britain has a cultural bias against gays. Russian and Russian Orthodox biases against gays have also been in the news lately, so in this sense we have cultural bias in the movie. Also, the heroine is a selfless female which rankles women's liberation a bit. She depends on her wolf-human white knight for her own and her family's lives. To be fair, there are several female villains, too.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways -- for those who object to being criticized for not being politically correct. I just want viewers of this movie to be aware of cultural bias because some viewers are possibly not mature enough to know what massage their favorite media have given their brains.

"Inherent Vice"

I was drawn to this movie by the mutton chops of the lead character, who resembles what Joe Cocker looked like in 1969 at Woodstock. This movie gave a vaudevillian-burlesque-porno impression of a segment of young adult society of 1970 California -- not sure whether it was supposed to be northern or southern California.

I almost walked out of it because it did not seem to hang together very well. Oh. I forgot to mention post modernism in the above list of adjectives. It actually rang true in a funny sort of way, which much comedy seems to accidentally on purpose do, although it was -- of course -- also somewhat hyperbolic. Do we have a sufficient number of adjectives to warn prudes off this thing?

Dear Diary - Designing Prototypes

Three design facets:
1. Wiring the coils surrounding centrally pivoting magnets that are stacked in a column with like poles facing each other. Getting the electricity to travel through the system so that voltages will add up ultimately requires having, say, 100 wires going in the direction that generates electricity while the carrier wire is only one and might have to travel in a direction that opposes magnetic induction. A 100 to 1 ratio gives 99% theoretically..... But I keep working toward improving the odds.

2.  Possibly, also, coating top and bottom of a screen edge with either solder or rubber might allow me to remove the middle cross-wires and possibly push the two edges toward each other so that the middle bows outward while the edges remain tight toward the magnets -- this would allow maximum electricity production per wire.

3.  Decoupling or rather ameliorating stresses on the central pole and anchor due to outlier wind speeds while, btw, looking out for over-production of electricity during high wind speed events -- this is the third project I am currently pondering.

I wish I could say, "It keeps me off the streets," however, I still go to movies. Project Almanac was better than I expected for being about a bunch of adolescents involved in time travel. Selma, Birdman, and Wild were all worth the prices of admission, as were The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game. "Shakespeare Uncovered" is a bunch of unmitigated crap, imho, but who really cares, anyway? It does not matter at all.....
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