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WindTapper's Blog

January 2015

"Wild" with Reese Witherspoon

I almost didn't go see this one because it seems this one would be concerning some 20 years of my life, and who wants to sit through painful parts of one's own life. Also, the idea of trudging 1000 miles seems pretty boring, at first blush.

However, the movie was worth seeing because no matter how interconnected we all are, it is worth being able to feel one can make it on one's own too feet, so to speak. That, and being reminded to smell the roses as it were....

Basic Research

I am getting ready to set up some crude experiments in conductivity and perhaps positive-negative comparisons of materials. I got a goodly portion of viscous silicon yesterday from cooking up a bunch of cut-up okra. It is in our freezer right now with a copper wire sticking out of it. I should have put two wires in before I froze it.

This gave me an idea about freezing a variety of materials in ice cube trays with copper leads sticking out of each cube of different materials. I have activated charcoal from our drinking water filtering system; Rooibos tea (for copper possibilities); lime, water; and of course, the viscous silicon. I could also test with other metals, and by coating metals with these substances to see what happens. Not to mention hydrogen peroxide, but I'd better be careful around the charcoal, don't cha think?

"American Sniper"

I am beginning to appreciate the value of being a vegetarian. I wonder if we were all vegetarians, if we might have less killer "instincts" "bred into us" from our youth onwards. However, "Dr. Who" recently made a good point about that on our BBC America channel. Somebody has to defend us from killers. The character of Dr. Who is relatively pacifist, but flitting around in time, he lands in 1913 -- just before WWI, in yesterday's episode...

But I wonder about Colorado. They perhaps need better environmental protection. Lead poisoning is a very real threat to societies, as we saw with Rome. Who is the real killer there? The shootists, or the companies allowing lead to leach into the groundwater, and sometimes, fluorine into the air? The electronics industry in Colorado probably deserves some better monitoring. Apparently lots of small companies can get by doing practically anything.

And we export our small industrial plants to backwards foreign countries, too, where other shootists are grown....

Later Notes (2/14/15): I went to see American Sniper today because our country has been engaged in war since after 9/11/01 and I felt I had a patriotic duty to pay attention, after all.
The movie is called patriotic, and I am thankful that it is. I grew up in the 1950's and 60's, so I had much trepidation about submitting my psyche to more war on the big screen. We have watched endless replays of WWII battles and campaigns, but those were not in color until recently. They say that Vietnam was the first televised war, but the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. and subsequent assassinations of the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, etc., all "played" on TV during my childhood. Wanting to forget the bad things sort of goes with the territory of being human, I think.

Ameircan Sniper is worth a look. As they say about raising a child, caring for veterans, too, takes a village.

Decoupling Turbulence 2

I am discovering now why 99% of windmills have horizontal shafts when generating electricity:  turbulence is not as much of a problem for horizontal shafts as it is for the vertical  -- unprotected -- shafts. Not only the wind blows the vertical shafts sideways directly, but also the blades are blown sideways, and these are attached to the shaft so that their sideways motions also affect the shaft sideways.

I have decided to build the narrower turbine blade levels to reduce sideways motion, besides hanging the pole from a longer tether, broken up by a series of hoops at the top, plus anchoring the center pole at the bottom. I am still toying with other methods for transferring torque or turning force from the blades to the center pole -- other than hanging the pole from the top cross chains.

Also, I keep working on ideas for using aluminum screen in the coils around the central, rotating magnets that are stacked with like poles facing each other within the center pole. Specifically, I am trying to imagine the best manufacturing protocols for making these, wiring them together, and protecting them from the weather and from friction.


Imho the movie was decent, if a little bit gory. I don't want to spoil it for you, but I approve of its politics. Who the heck can say who the bad guys are in this world of global interconnectivity? The money grubbers, perhaps?

I know, I know. Since I don't have any money, that's who I'd guess were the baddest of the bad. We forgot over here how this country was founded on not letting people build dynasties because we all deserve a break -- not only the offspring of the rich and/or famous.

John O'Hara

Now where had I heard that name before?

Oh yes. My mother used to read his books. I preferred other writers, but I was plumb out of sci fi a couple nights ago and had consumed too much chocolate to sleep soundly. So, out of desperation, I combed through the bookcases I have standing ready for selling my used books on Amazon. Near the end of the whole shebang stood one old O'Hara book.

Oh yes. My mother had known she was dying and she knew I'd come to clear out the stuff from her room after her death. She had left me some stuff, you know. A few books, a few old letters with messages in them that she hadn't yet presented to me, a few antique knick-knacks, and especially, a few old books she had saved out of the millions that she had read over her lifetime.

I read the first half of the book two nights ago. Yesterday I consumed more chocolate -- even though I am tapering down on chocolate again -- to accompany my finishing the book last night. OK. Now that deed is done.

It had to be done eventually, consuming the one final message from my mother who died a few weeks shy of her 69th birthday, in 2000. I can't say that I was blind-sided, although, I hadn't actually been thinking of doing this deed before I did it.

I sort of -- in the back of my mind -- had thought of O'Hara as half hack/half genius at certain things, but old. He died in 1970 and published this book in 1967. I think that only three more books came out of him. He was born in 1907, I think Wiki said.

The book reminded me of some 1940's movies of people in New York City. I swear the book was about himself, just as I feelBirdman was written by Robin Williams, about himself (even though I know the movie has other credits than Williams').

The Instrument was not about a violin or piano, but about a writer. My mother was a writer.

'Nuff said.

Later Note(s), 10 a.m. EST:

OK. I feel John O'Hara was an ecologist of family relationships where the family includes all social contacts of individuals, perhaps only in New York City and origins of individuals of that town. Social psychologist, I guess is a closer term.

Birdman was written by people who knew Robin Williams, I am guessing. Or at least by persons to whom his afterimage loomed large. Perhaps the script was inspired by Robin Williams' interview with two Aussies -- one that you can find if you surf the web for it.

I feel my mother's soul resides somewhere in the vicinity of John O'Hara's soul. And I am half "Scotch-Irish-English" in that one of my grandmothers spoke Gaelic while her husband had an English-sounding name. I only met them as a newborn.


I am in the middle of so many projects it's not even funny.  The latest has been trying to remake the lining to one of my husband's sport coats. I am not a taylor. Or is that spelled tailor?  Humph!

I took the first pocket apart and was practically none the wiser for having done that. So, as I took the second pocket apart, I took pictures the whole way through. Actually, I studied tailoring in between there, both off the web and from a book sanctioned by Singer Sewing Machine Co. Those gave me a framework perspective that aided my seam ripping endeavors.

Of course the pocket was not exactly like anything I had seen, in that it was doubly lined or "interfaced", with four pieces of fabric -- three of them interfacing and one rectangle the same as the lining and pocket.

I will only show a few pix today. One of our cats got interested in the proceedings at first, but bored later and left....

The last pic has two sets of interfacing, the lining panel from which they came, and the pocket.

Decoupling Turbulence

The wind turbine blades and levels of blades turn around, but they also swing side to side with their directions of swinging dependent upon the wind direction. A central pole hangs down and in this I was going to put magnets, surrounded by stationary coils, but the side-to-side action of the turbine would create friction and other stresses between the coils and the pole which are undesirable. I have been trying to decouple the side-to-side action during higher wind velocities by providing a decoupling mechanism where the central pole attaches to the turbine.

So far I believe I have made some progress, thinking things through, but at some point I will have to test my best guesses, in the flesh so to speak.

1. Simply hanging the pole from a tether at the center allows the pole to hang more in line with gravity, but puts a twisting stress on the tether and it will break eventually. The length of time until the tether breaks depends on the material used for the tether plus wind conditions.

2. Stringing a horizontal tether or two criss-crossed tethers across the bottom level of the turbine, from which the pole hangs suffers the same twisting plus weight stresses, and might even get tangled.

3. A chain hanging from the center would deform, too, over time. My desire for dependability and durability precludes creating a design that I know will deform.

4. Setting the central pole down onto a circular pivot/swivel/bushing would take the weight of the magnets off the turbine and create at least some stability of where the magnetic lines of flux will cross the stationary coils, as well as removing friction between the pole and the coils. With the top of the central pole having a metal gizmo at its top, perhaps I could then attach the turbine somehow to the central pole to maximize the turning force of the turbine onto the central pole without lifting the central pole during high wind turbulence events. I will have to think about this more before building it.

Screen Coils?

I often hoped I could find some simple assembly jobs to do at home. If I could create such a job -- even better. However, I am at a sort of an impasse. I wish to use screen -- aluminum screen to create coils around the ends of like magnetic poles revolving inside the screen. But nobody makes screen that uses a non-conducting material for one of the two directions that the wafts or weaves use within the screen.

I wish I could talk to a screen manufacturer to find out if it would be possible to combine an aluminum and plastic screen into one this way. Hopefully the plastic would be non-conductive. I imagine taking the waft or weave from a strip of screen, perhaps soldering the ends of the strip in a small vat of liquid solder, to a ring or "can lid" perhaps. Or to another screen dipped in the liquid solder. I could dip the whole thing into liquid rubber that dries quickly, provided I had covered the places where I want to make connections first.

But I would not have to remove the waft or weave from the screen if the waft or weave were non-conductive to start with.....

This problem and the problem of stress and wear and tear on where the center pole of the whirligig meets the coils and/or bottom central anchor, or top, hangar for the center pole -- these are all my sticky wickets these days....

Oh yes. Then there is creating a coil for the tip of the magnet to its middle. These screen layers need to be circular, not at right angles. This would require hand fashioning since I can't even imagine a machine that could accomplish this feat. I don't know if there are even any plastic sewing or rug grids matching this description....

Screen strips wound around a tube would suffice around the junction of two like magnetic poles, but when the flux changes direction from outward to down or up the magnet, the coil also has to lie at right angles to the pole coil, right angled eventually, after a gradual shift between the two positions....

Dear Diary

Resolutions and New Beginnings, or Tacks, rather, abound over here. Sitting less, more vegetables are on the health front. Back to magnetism and aluminum screening for electricity generation.

I do puzzles every evening to tire my eyes for sleep. Often when I come back to a puzzle I had put down previously, I come back another day with fresh eyes, seeing the obvious avenues for solutions, while previously I saw none or did not care to see any.

So, now I have new ideas for making aluminum screens work, including interconnections along a column of such coils with magnets rotating inside of them. Winter seems like a good season for tackling such an exacting problem in the flesh, as it were....
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