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WindTapper's Blog

October 2014

Dear Diary

Recovering from surgery on my jaw -- cyst and wisdom tooth removal -- I am starting to heal a little better now. Moving slowly, though, still. Not a whole lot of physical labor in the cards yet, but a little bit.

Contemplating helping to fashion a memorial for a friend and neighbor who died recently -- the memorial to be set in our neighborhood. We will have to live with it for as long as we live, it seems, so I am spending much time trying to anticipate its future.

One possibility is to plant a tree and I voted, at first, for another Bartlett Pear tree because it is both beautiful in the Fall and prolific, but I fear it would grow too large for the spaces that are available for it. It could help pollinate the one that we have now, but supposedly ours will self-pollinate, eventually. I have decided to offer to contribute to the bench that is another part of the proposed memorial, rather than to the tree....

Here are pictures of the progress of our Bartlett towards eventually becoming fully red.

Nappy Time

I heard somewhere that cats sleep 16 hours a day. If they also groom 1/3 of their time, when do they eat, dance and play, lol.

So anyway, we also have some more proofs of whirligig viabilities:

Beautiful Fall!

Recovering from oral surgery I enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, wistfully wishing I could do yard work before the snow flies, but at least I can make a proof that the whirligig still twirls in the wind:

Dear Diary -- Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Puttering around the house plus some light gardening chores today were all delightful as I start to recover from surgery. An impacted wisdom tooth with a nasty cyst eating away at my jaw had to be removed, but I had to wait a month to get the appointment for the job to be done. Then I got a sinus infection which almost delayed the surgery some more.

I have been doing some mild herbal chemotherapy, too -- mostly cabbage + celery juices to try to remove more of the affected calcium from the surfaces of my bones chemically rather than ask the surgeon to scrape the bones which are too thin right now to traumatize so physically. Bare in mind that I subscribe to the "barefoot doctor" attitude whenever possible, at least as so far as nutritional aspects of health can be useful in healing.

I know nothing for sure. I experiment a lot. I pay attention to how I am feeling after each experiment. So far I have observed that I feel better when I take the strontium osteo complex and worse when I take the cabbage juice. Yet, I feel I need to remove the old, contaminated calcium before trying to grow new bone on top. But my pain medication is going to run out soon, so I must switch to the least painful option now and stick with building bone.

I have had the other three wisdom teeth out over the decades of my life, and none were as troublesome as this one. I must keep my fingers crossed in the hope that my salivary gland on that side of my mouth is not permanently damaged, but for now I keep rinsing with heavily salted water and applying gauze to suck up the toxins as much as possible.

Occasionally I still toy with ideas for rebuilding the wall behind our shower. I am trying to put a mirror into the wall that will also serve as an access door for the plumbing, yet be sturdy enough to withstand some stranger leaning on it. I also still blithely dream of designs for my electrostatic wind powered electricity generator, in between trying to catch a few hours sleep between nursing myself back to normal from this tooth problem.

"One day at a time" is what they say, though.


Sign up for NASA TV. It costs approximately $5 per month on Time Warner. All you have to do is call Time Warner Cable and they can add it to your existing subscription, perhaps if you have the digital package.

On November 12 NASA will land a multi-functional device onto a comet! They are going LIVE with this! 7 a.m. Pacific Time. I just watched a program with project leaders explaining what is going to happen. NASA replays its programs often, so you will not be left out if you haven't seen it yet but subscribe to NASA TV soon.

NASA is becoming even more inspiring to me as they explain many tasks they seek to perform and why.

Details Details

Two projects currently:

1. Ideas about using screen hung and circled around a hoop to grind sand at the screen's bottom are now tabled. That is a dumb idea for many reasons. Let me not count the ways.

2. Working on installing a full length mirror into the wall behind our shower as an access to the plumbing is time consuming, probably because I am no carpenter. Trying to toenail 2X4's in cramped spaces is quite challenging. Being not straightforward is the fact of the pipes in the middle and lack of side 2X4's within easy reach behind the plaster board.

So anyway, this explains how part of my time is being spent while not working on windpower. Sorry, dudettes and dudes.

3. Feeding cats well at this time of year without spending too much money is important so the cats will grow their hair back for winter. Two of our cats got shorn due to burrs, and one of them got shorn a second time due to clay coating him as I posted in an earlier entry. Cheap chicken these days because Russia rejected a lot of American chicken means we have lots more chicken to eat at reasonable prices. Yay!

Mild Updates

1.  The furnace exhaust treated with lime and Drano turns out to smell a bit like chlorine, or hydrochloric acid gas. Perhaps I should use less Drano, but I thought I had used only a little bit compared with the amount of lime.

2. Still mulling ideas for a sort of mortar and pestle to break off electrons from sand, powered by the wind. Ideas pop up when I least expect them, from looking at odd shapes of debris around the house: A. The plastic handle off a kitty litter, square plastic container gave me ideas of using heavy steel wire as a hangar and frame under heavy steel screen that would turn in the sand. B. Some plastic curlers having Velcro-type sides might be placed onto the frame with a suitable fabric to turn against the sides of the ceramic pipe, bringing electrons from inside to the outside edge, to connect with a sheet of aluminum. Although, I haven't yet figured out what to put in the center of the curler to keep it from flopping around. Perhaps covered with nylon mesh such as they use to make bath scrubbers....

3. I tried out some of those plastic containers today, to see how each would fit down inside the ceramic pipe, and if the water would drain out their bottoms. Sometimes I wish I could hang a circular screen down inside the pipe. That is, take the heavy steel screen and bend it around a hoop on which it is hung with its bottom edge grinding sand and fabric sewn onto the screen for rubbing the inside perimeter, coated with aluminum, perhaps. The aluminum would be surrounded by an insulator and then perhaps steel or copper, to which would be electrically attached to a positive ion collector.... That would be inside the ceramic pipe. I could make another sandwich on the outside of naturally positive and negatively charged metals with an insulator between them, connected electrically to the inside sandwich and/or collectors of electrons and positive ions.
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