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WindTapper's Blog

October 2013

Ugly Movie & Etc.

I went to what I feel is perhaps the ugliest movie, or at least among the ugliest movies that I have ever seen. To start with, the website had the wrong picture posted, showing The Marriage Counselor instead of the ugly movie with Brad Pitt, The Counselor.  This counselor is a lawyer who strays into some extremely dangerous territory, and I can in no way recommend this movie to anybody.
The other topic I wish to discuss today is that I am seriously considering leaving this website because what I had wished to do seems to be too difficult. The idea of rain or snow falling onto battery terminals gives me nightmares, so to speak.
So, I might leave soon, if anyone cares....

Info on Static Electricity to Current Conversion

As I search through websites and YouTube demonstrations, I sometimes find something rather surprising and useful. This is not to say that I don't find unbelievable stuff, too, but yesterday I got hooked up with a string of EHow articles on static electricity conversion to electrical current.
One among these was actually gathering the voltage differences generated by radio waves, through an antenna hooked up to a battery through a spark plug, automotive coil, using a ground rod for the negative terminal of a battery. The little article says you can charge a car battery after three days of being hooked up to this system. \
What I like about it is that it is free energy, once you set everything up correctly. It does not even require wind to move it, or solar energy, lol. Find it at Antenna battery charger and check out the links EHow provides toward the bottoms of their pages -- links to like subjects that they have other articles about.
So far several websites have stated that static electricity chargers are impractical, but I continue to search. This research project -- I hope -- will yield far greater productivity results for my time spent on earth than the sink hole for my time which has been playing Spider Solitaire....
I wish someone would join me here on this site -- send me an email! Help me locate pertinant info!
Later Note (Oct. 20th): Another site describes what looks to be the same thing, developed by Hermann Plauson in U.S. Patents of 1921: A spark-gap oscillator with step-down transformer, at a Hub page on Tesla.

NewLight Technologies

Watching The Weather Channel this morning I caught a piece on a company making plastic from the CO2 from the air. The founder has been doing research for the last 10 years, they reported, and has finally made plastic as cheaply as it has been made from petroleum.
I will post more info on this company and like processes into this entry as I find it. TWC showed how the CO2 looks a lot like the fine white powder that is lime (in the video), before it gets heated and colored for making the raw material for plastics molding procedures.
A YouTube link to their advertisement. The company's website is at and should not be confused with another company seemingly based in DC. (The video ends rather lamely, imho. The last phrase of the CEO is too vague.
Disambiguation: newlight dot com is NOT The first represents Newlight Technologies, LLC in California; while the second is an IT company called New Light Technologies, Inc. that does work for federal government agencies regarding digital mapping.

Dear Diary - Economies

I sold SAPX today. Whew! What a dog! Somebody is supposedly putting the company up for sale for "all restricted shares", but the CEO has resigned, and I thought I read somewhere that when a company sells out like that, public shares become worthless. A 1:50 share split was my first clue, lol. They have to keep the share price up in order to remain eligible to trade even on the Pink Sheets/Bulletin Board, so they give one share for 50 to bring the price back up to point 001 or better. In this case, it came up to point 002. Whoopee Doo!
I am beginning to think of 7 Arts Pix as a sort of vanity press for movies because some individuals like certain books and want to see movies made from them, but the box office and home DVD sales are disasters for investors because there is not enough hype in the media to cover their products -- i.e. good reviews and/or great advertising budgets.
One of the oldest pieces of advice in the markets is not to be afraid to admit when you're wrong and get out ASAP!
Other losing ideas seem -- so far -- to include electrostatic generators, but I am far from being a credible witness, lol. At any rate, I have not yet found a design that is beyond patent, although there is a Chinese company advertising on Alibaba some tiny circuit boards that sound like they might work with static electricity. Everything is tricky, though, when it comes to labels. I swear, half of the diagrams I found on Google while looking for static electricity generators are actually something else entirely.
On the other hand, I ran into the imec site where futuristic clothing -- a la the current Continuum TV series -- is starting to be under development. Grabbing micro watts from the air, heat, vibration, light, etc., power standalone sensors that can transmit data. That sounds way cool.
I am thinking about the stream by our house, too, for piezoelectricity generation -- but so far, only thinking. I have too many household projects waiting for me to finish them right now to be starting anything new.
The lettuce needs to be thinned or transplanted; the roof of the greenhouse-cathouse still waits; and our septic system is slowly developing some flood protection these days. I am waiting for the glue to dry on an extension of the breather for the aerator, right now. Not to re-mention the shower rebuild project which is waiting for me to finally decide how I will finesse a particular problem with lining up the new walls. Someday I will bite the bullet there.
Meantime, every few days another set of workmen with their trucks, dozers, and other machinery show up in front of our house for a bridge-building project. They have to build a temporary road yet, before they will be able to yank out the old bridge and install a new one. But first, the gas line needed to be lowered, away from the surface where the new road and bridges will be, and our fire hydrant was yanked out yesterday, at ground level. I cannot imagine how the road builders will deal with the below-ground part of the hydrant....
OK. I sold SAPX because I had a better idea for a stock to buy. KNDI is a Chinese electric car manufacturer. Wouldn't that be wonderful? China driving electric? Never mind 3 billion Chinese breathing out CO2. Just think of the advantage for earth's atmosphere if the Chinese could skip the gasoline phase of powering automobiles.

The Perfect Appetite Suppressant?

I tried out the alternative to roasted, salted pumpkin seeds, which is the raw, unsalted seeds. I think the salt raises blood pressure by making your intestines retain water. The cooking might reduce the benefits of the oil inside the seeds, much as heating olive oil creates negative consequences for the types of oil compounds the heat converts olive oil to.
I will have to see if any research has been done on pumkin seed oil heating changes.
So anyway, after trying the raw, unsalted variety of pumkin seeds, I found my appetite was completely supressed. Given the amount of vitamins I consume by supplemental forms, perhaps I have a shot at losing the 60 pounds that I would like to disappear before I start applying for jobs in earnest, in a couple of years.
The salted and roasted variety are still good for you, I am told, but the raw unsalted might be even better. The salted and roasted pumkin seeds are a bit easier to eat, too. They are not as difficult to chew. I must remember what I have seen in the media about Tibetan monks who want people to chew, chew, chew their food. Getting the saliva all over the seeds is a very good idea, besides washing them down with liquid.
OK. Fully clothed I now weigh about 207 pounds. Let's see how I can do by eating raw pumkin seeds for breakfast and/or lunch every day....
Oh yes. And SAPX went down in price to .0021. Let's hope that the sale of the company does not wipe out my investment, knock wood.

Windpower Development Magazine

You should see today's issue.
Static electricity generators. Hmmm. They weigh much less, have higher efficiency in low wind speeds. Except that their graph shows wind speeds in meters per second, I guess. Converting that is something I will have to look into. I feared it was miles per second, but that does not sound correct.
OK. The report says the static electricity generator from Tesla requires no magnets, no copper wire, and no magnets, but produces mucho DC current. It weighs much less, requiring much less in the way of gears, too.
I thought DC was considered impractible because you cannot send it long distances.  But perhaps this is an opportunity for small producers to supply locally, anyway. Wouldn't that be a better system? No enemy could knock out the whole or large parts of the system if it were all produced locally, and without magnets which are suseptible to electromagnetic pulses from nuclear devices and such.  Hmmm.
I will have to look into this. No copper, no magnets, no large gearing. Yes! Some mega capacitors, I'll wager. No being held hostage to neodymium or copper supplies. Oh yes.

Neuromancer Movie

I can't believe it! Seven Arts Pictures, Inc. is making a movie from the book Neuromancer by William Gibson! I believe it was written or copyrighted 1984 or 5, and it has taken THIS long! So many works are derived from concepts developed by Gibson!
The movie Hackers of course makes an homage to Gibson, and one of the X Files episodes practically steals from Gibson. I have seen others, too, but I don't remember their names. This was my favorite book of all time after I majored in computer science in the early 1980's, and I continued to enjoy it as I investigated the conjunction of artificial intelligence, epistemology, and psychology
I must remark, however, that Tron was a tad bit earlier, coming from Disney and having people living inside of computers, so I cannot say that Gibson was absolutely the first to do that, but in book form he was the first I read.
The website/advertisement from the movie company is at
and I cannot vouch for the company at all, never having actually seen any of their films.
They give an address in Holywood, CA, but also have some sort of organization going on in the UK.
I bought shares today at .0022, I think. Let me check on that. Shares are up 10% today, but that is not difficult to do at these prices. Let's see. I think that is 22 ten thousandths of a dollar per share.... Ticker symbol SAPX.
So, this becomes a shameless attempt at getting people to buy a stock that I have just bought. Sorry, dudes and dudettes, but I have been a rather rabid consumer of movies for more than one decade, now. They say, when you collect art, you should buy what you like best.

Crows and Cats

Watching that series of docudramas by PBS or NatGeo that has cameras on migrating birds of many kinds I ran across Eagles attacking Cranes. What saved the crane in this piece were big black birds like Crows. The Crows dive bomb the Eagles, distracting them from going after the stray, lonely, and lost crane sitting on the ground.
So, I have these cats and some Eagles were working our neck of the woods a couple weeks back. Our cats bring us voles that they catch, which I put out on the compost pile for any and all takers. Four voles so far. Crows like to come find food I leave out on the compost pile, and the Crows warn us when hawks and eagles are nearby, so the cats and I have a symbiotic relationship now with the crows.
I keep the cats inside when the crows warn us....
Which reminds me of Reader's Digest of Traditional Wisdom Rediscovered. Now, it says that pumpkin seeds lowers blood pressure, but this is unconfirmed by yer higher priced advisors, so I don't know if it is true. Likewise for my old wives tale of cats and crows. I have never gotten the exact species figured out among the various sizes of black birds that resemble crows. Can crows come in so many sizes?
I will have to study my bird books more. I wonder what the Raven is?
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