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WindTapper's Blog

February 2013

Security Problems

Recently it has come to my attention that our computer is under attack and I am dealing with  security problems these days in addition to all our other projects. It will be unfortunate if I eventually have to give up this blog due to security concerns, but I will if I must.

Someday it might come to pass that the only way you will be able to access this information is by buying my book at Amazon dot com -- my book that is not yet written. Look for the keyword "WindTapper" if that happens....

Toot-a-loo for now, mes amies.

Busy Busy

Sorry, but I've been busy lately, studying the stock market and working on rebuilding one of our showers. Almost all of my whirligigs are inside, too. I brought most of them inside when winds were too high. They were just cheap twirlers from Family Dollar that I had stuck in the ground. But since the ground is frozen I can not put them back.

Those twirlers helped me to see where the wind is best and not so good as I had thought previously -- at least near the ground since they are not very tall.

So anyway, I am getting ready to cut some 3/4 inch marine plywood to replace wood subfloor that rotted away under one of our showers. It has been an interesting job, cutting away the old, rotted stuff.

Since I have not had time to post entries, my readers will have to make due with the old stuff, for now. Sorry, again.
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