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WindTapper's Blog

March 2011

Serendipitous Calculus

This morning I am trying to read Calculus for Cats since it sold on Amazon and I must ship it out this afternoon to the customer. I am selling it for a dollar, so the customer shouldn't mind that it will still be warm from my reading it when he or she gets it, lol.
I am selling it for so little because I got caught in the mania that has so many books for sale at Amazon's used books Marketplace -- on sale for a penny or some other ridiculously low amount. Most of the books that I had for sale even though these jokers were vastly undercutting my prices (nearly 400 books) I removed from my listing so I can wait until these crazy prices evaporate. However, this is one book I missed taking off the listings.
Now I must read it immediately or forever lose access to the information stored inside.
You, however, can subscribe to Renewable Energy World online and receive a recent article on "Small Wind Energy Systems Market Update" -- or something close to that -- possibly forever more, if you are interested in reading that sort of information, lol....

Fruit Trees and Bookselling

I sold a couple hundred items on Amazon and netted a couple thousand bucks since I got started in mid-February doing that. It helps a bit with paying credit card payments, lol, plus a few boxes got emptied out of storage, and a bookcase got some more room on it. However, I still have approximately 600 books to sell or to give away....
I planted a blueberry bush yesterday, with four more fruit trees still en route from Guerney's Nursury, and I pruned our Bartlett pear tree today. Neither were insignificant tasks, but I still have to dig three drainage ditches for the three planting sites that are high enough to drain. We have mostly yellow clay on our place, with little top soil and we are next to the creek, so drainage has to be planned carefully around here.
Hopefully, one of these days I will get started on doing taxes as well as getting started on my quest to lose weight through exercise. 240 miles of walking in 40 days is 6 miles per day. That would equal 22 lbs. gone. And if wishes were horses then beggars could ride -- as the saying goes.
All of these things come before I can actually get back to building wind-powered electricity generators, but I can dream.... I still run over designs in my head -- mostly infrastructure designs nowadays:  how to store batteries safely and securely; how to strengthen eaves to receive the weight of my gizmos; how to put up light posts.
I am considering selling some of my electronics books -- the ones that don't particularly pertain to my new career goals, or ones that I have finished reading.... And so the time goes as Spring approaches with its tasks of getting back to painting our house and putting in a garden....

New Acquisitions

Three books I just acquired because I was able to sell eleven Shakespeare plays on DVD at Amazon (please see previous entry here):
Homebrew Wind Power: A Hands-On Guide to Harnessing the Wind by Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink, foreword by Mick Sagrillo.
The Barefoot Architect: A Handbook for Green Buildingby Johan van Lengen.
Solar Electricity Basicsby Dan Chiras.
I have not yet started to read these, however. Tune in later for reports on these books.

Shakespeare at Amazon

Good news! I finally figured out how to sell my Shakespeare plays on DVD at Amazon!
I had the whole collection up for sale but had no takers. I don't think anybody could find it, the way it was indexed, to be truthful. So I started listing them individually again. But again, no takers. Finally I realized that my description was at fault. I spent two days getting the descriptions, with run times, actors names, and a quote from the advertising: "Word for Word as Written by William Shakespeare" on my listings at Amazon.
Now they are selling at approximately three or four per day! I had all 37 plays for sale, but now I have considerably less. None-the-less, if you have a hankering to own a Shakespeare play on DVD and you want to buy it from me, go to Amazon dot com, choose the DVD category on the left part of the search bar, then type in the name of the play followed by BBC. For example: Romeo and Juliet BBC. Then hit the Search button.
I have sold 11 so far, which gave me enough money to then update my wind and green building techniques book collection at a local bookstore where they also buy some of my books! Hope to hear from you soon!
WindTapper is Claudia Gay, btw.

"Strength of Materials"

One of the goals of making prototypes and testing them is to find out how long each type of part will last when it is in an operating situation. Last week one of the parts I was using failed. I estimate it was in use for 6 months or so.
It was a decorative type of white hook for hanging planters and such that I had my whirligig hanging from on our front porch. The weak link was the long, narrow screw that the hook was screwed onto. The long narrow screw was part of an apparatus, having two levers -- for want of a better word -- to apply pressure on either side of the screw and provide stability within the finish plywood pieces of the porch roof.
The narrow screw broke off, probably from torque and side-to-side forces of the wind blowing against my whirligig. So, I won't use these decorative hooks again, although they look so nice I was planning on using more of them. Not now.

WePower Website Review

Checking these guys out at their website is both exciting and frustrating. Why have I never been so frustrated with the uploading of videos? Is it something new going on with our Time/Warner Cable connection?
Most of the videos they provide links to stop every few seconds to upload again. What's up with that? And of course, you get no price lists without first providing your name and address. There's another rub.
On the other hand, they are honest about how much power you can get per each mile per hour of wind. They have solar hot water heaters, too -- not only windpower....
All in all, I rate their video set-ups at about a "D" grade because of the large amount of foot-tapping would-be viewers are subjected to.
March 1st I watched a video at MSN where a young bear fights a pack of wolves. No problem with the video, so it must be WePower's website that is seriously knarly.
I know that my web content is not exciting. I don't even have videos on my website yet, so that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. However, I don't have any products for sale yet -- only dribs and drabs of information, links to potential suppliers of parts, and to other sites where information might be gleaned.
I understand that not everyone has access to broadband downloading for their videos, but an alternative is to keep people busy while the ENTIRE video is downloading so that you don't have sentences cut into shreds the way the WePower website works.
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