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WindTapper's Blog

February 2011

Pan Time

Unless you are a fan of hardcore GORE; female nudity; the "F" word and all its derivatives; seeing females getting beat and slashed up; and watching various parts of people's bodies getting slashed, mangled, and otherwise destroyed; I recommend that you stay away from Nicholas Cage's new film,Drive Angry (in 3D, btw).

I had to leave not long after this film started, due to an honestly upset stomach. What a wasted $16.50 that was! And it is one thing to watch such a non-stop series of violent treatments of humanity (with occasional full-body (female) nudity) in the privacy of your own home. It is entirely different when sitting in a dark theater surrounded by other unaccompanied individuals of the opposite gender.

No. I did not enjoy being there.

The Dark Ages -- An Ongoing Saga

Here in the State of Ohio, since enough Dems didn't get off their ever-lovin' butts to vote for Strickland for Governor last November, we are soon to receive governance of our state university system from a man who believes we should go to Charter universities.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of State Universities in Ohio.

What caused The Dark Ages was that the Christian Church fathers felt it was unwise for people to know about other religions. Perhaps the Republicans are a little too fond of capitalism that causes everyone to  have to fend for themselves....

No more Mr. Nice Guy in the education department, apparently. Even while businesses are complaining about a lack of qualified workers! Oh. What do they care? They can just move overseas with OUR money, folks!

Excuse me while I continue to read Molly Ivans' Who Let The Dogs In?

Second Thoughts: Making the connection between religious zealots and The Dark Ages would lead me to point my finger at the Religious Right - Republican cartel, trying to delete public education, which is secular, and there may be a bit of that circulating. However, I remember how much into innovation I am, and wonder if I am not being a bit hasty. Whatever the initial impetus for shutting down public education, perhaps serendipity could serve the cause of innovative improvement.

I believe that most public schools, being well established institutions, are rife with cankerous parasites such as drug dealing thugs who terrorize students, teachers, and administrators alike. I have seen TV footage where metal detectors help administrators clean up that problem of guns inside the school, but our kids have no protection in their drug-ridden neighborhoods.

I can see where Charter schools could help in this regard, and in making the student-teacher ratios much more favorable for students and teachers alike. Innovation seems to be helping schools that were shown recently on PBS Friday night programs, too, but our administrators and state school overseers can watch those programs, too, and learn from them. I worry so much about overall quality of education when schools get closed, splintered, eliminated on a grand scale, that it looks like the Dark Ages have already crept up on us....

Bookselling Serendipity

As the owner of the Athens Book Center was perusing my box of used novels that I was hoping to trade for other books, I was browsing the alternative energy bookshelves. The bookstore owner would only trade for other used books while I was interested in buying new alternative energy books.
By happenstance the author of a new book, The Inventor's Bible: How To Market & License Your Brilliant Ideas (3rd Edition), was standing next to the bookcase where I was picking out new books. He offered to put in a good word for me with the bookseller regarding his book. He also added to the book's signed first page, a message just for me! Apparently, Ronald Louis Docie, Sr., my husband, and I all belonged to the same church, and have some acquaintances in common.
We spent a while discussing patents, trademarks, copyrights, websites, & etc. and now I am the owner of an author-signed new book. His website is at
The bookstore owner and I also conversed at length to help us learn about each other regarding our bookselling policies and habits. She suggested I try to sell my collection of The Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare that I have on DVD's on Ebay. I am not fond of the idea of putting them up for auction, however.

Seredipitous Art Reviews

As the name of this segment of my blog implies, I don't make reviews on any set schedule. I try to also limit my reviews to good ones, although, at times, I get incensed. So, here goes a few brief reviews:

1. Unknown was just fine, although I objected to the borrowing of the "fog-horn" type of background noise that another movie -- whose name slips my mind presently -- seems to have pioneered. You know, that movie where you don't know whether you are watching a dream or not until you see impossible things on screen. Oh what was the name of that? Invective? I swear it starts with an "I."

Anyway, I recommend Unknown if you are into action movies. I'm not going further into it because I don't want to spoil it for you.

For going to sleep I read in bed -- presently I am ENJOYING Who Let the Dogs In? by Molly Ivans.  Man oh man, except for cuss words, Ivans ddid not mince words! Lordy, Lordy!!!!

Now, on to my one bad review. Recently on -- I think it was -- Nova on PBS. I didn't catch the name of the fellow who SEEMED TO ME to be babbling on and on about multiple dimensions. Oh really? Do you believe that because something can be imagined, described and discussed that that something MUST exist? Where is your grip on reality, bozo?

I know, I know. Physicists like to talk about 11 dimensions, and I can understand that on the quantum scale of things. Energies move too fast for us to be able to pin down their exact locations, and I can buy into describing "particles" as being in alternate dimensions. But, to say that because a myriad of possible universes seem to be in the mathematical cards -- so to speak -- that there must be other universes where similar but different versions of all of use MUST exist.

Now he went on to talk about our "expanding universe" where "everything is moving away from everything else. If this were true, then the Andromeda galaxy wouldn't collide with our Milky Way some time in our future.

I think that we see all we can see of the universe and it seems to be expanding everywhere. What this cosmologist didn't mention was that it is possible that our Big Bang was one of many, that our little corner of the cosmos is just that. We may be rushing headlong toward the next great black hole where we'll get ourselves so balled up again that another big bang will occur, eventually.

Oh gosh. I am so sleepy right now that I will have to finish these thoughts some other day.... 

This And That

I have been selling books at for a month now -- just trying to clear away about 1000 books I had purchased when I was writing a book on Shakespeare. Some are from majoring in English. I got a Bachelor of Arts so that I could go to grad school in English, but I changed my mind and decided to go back to electronics -- an earlier love of mine.

Amazon is a great way to reduce losses on book buying. You can't get anything for novels, though. Text books do pretty well if you charge enough that you can afford to offer faster shipping.... I still have another 500 or so books to sell, but I can wait for people to discover a need for them, lol. The magic and runes books are selling out pretty quickly. Still, I would love to sell my BBC Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare all in one lot. That is 37 Shakespeare plays on DVD for $650. I paid $1000 plus shipping for them, originally. I believe that Ambrose Videos charges around $3500 for the set of DVD's now.

Also, I have The Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius for sale at $350, Books 1 and 3 translated from the Latin....not to mention In Praise of Scribes by the same author.

In between book sales I have thought on designing my WindTapper electricity generator -- mostly about how to enclose the "business end" of the device so that squirrels, birds, and chipmunks, not to mention snakes, won't make nests in them. Did I mention ants? LOL.

I sure wish I had a bigger budget. If I had a million dollars I could hire a whole battery of engineers, giving each one or pairs of them small parts of the task of designing viable home-based wind-powered electricity generators.... I believe I'd even settle for a battery of engineering students. It could be great fun, actually.

But in the meantime, I must plod along in my natural "glacial" gear, lol, presently trying to clear away enough space in our house for building these devices as I continue to work on designing them in the back of my mind, at odd moments....

Molly Ivans' et al Writing

Besides selling books at Amazon, I have been clearing boxes away from my potential workspace in our basement for making those whirligigs I have been telling you about, and I have been reading. When I started selling books on Amazon last month I just set each book consecutively in line so I could find it fastest when it sold. Now I am reading ones I don't really want to part with. Actually, after I read KippsI sent it to my aunt. I hope she reads it so that we could compare notes on it. She doesn't care for science fiction, and because the author is H.G. Wells, it could be difficult for me to talk her into reading it. I tell her it is NOT science fiction. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Another book I am reading is Who Let The Dogs In?I think the sub title is Political Animals I Have Known. Molly Ivans books are such a hoot! The cartoons on the dust jacket depicting famous political figures as their own breeds of dogs go to the right side of the brain, the intuitive, unspoken side of personalities, and even these add new insights for understanding our past politicians.
Each article in this book is quite short and the articles are arranged chronologically, spanning Ivans' entire career. And even though I read these only at night as I try to fall asleep, thus making a slow going of it, at the very least I will pick up from her book some of her cadences and ability to write straightforwardly. (We can only hope.)

Dear Diary and Infrastructure

I made some progress today sorting through old books and stuff in our basement, prior to removal of same. I am trying to clear away space for making wind-powered electricity generators, you see.
Also today I got a new idea for how to configure the mounting of the wind generators at the corners of our house. Instead of trying to hang them from the corner eaves, I thought of putting up substantial posts that would have opposite, balanced wind generators. That is, a substantial post with a rod or rods inserted crosswise near the top, so that two or more generators could hang from each post, at each corner of our house.
Depending upon how substantial the post is, one could hang more and more generators, balanced by two's. I think that neither the central post, nor the wind generators themselves would interfere with the generally favorable concentration of wind that occurs at the corners of houses....

Selling Books

Clearing space in our house so that I can organize things enough to begin making wind-powered electric generators has started with selling my books on I sold 84 books so far out of an estimated 1000 books. It seems that around 400 books are not worth the trouble of listing, according to "Books into Gold" because they are either fiction, not sound, or too plentiful on the market. I have actually ditched a few in the waste can, for example, because they had water damage from the past and I was allergic to them.
Anyway, this selling has taken some time, not only to actually list the books and take care of shipping sold books, but also because I feel compelled to review whatever notes I have made in the margins, highlighted passages, or because I just wanted to recapture/review some of their essences before I parted with them.
A side benefit of shipping via the Post Office is that I randomly run into people and get into conversations there -- sometimes having the opportunity to discuss wind power, as I did yesterday afternoon.
Next I'll be mining the boxes we have stored in our basement for books to sell. Every so often I run into a book that sells for more than $30 on Amazon. Perhaps I will find a few more of those in the basement. We have a very clean, well-lit basement by the way....
This morning I was reviewsing Fermat's Enigma before mailing it.
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