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WindTapper's Blog

January 2011


Selling books on Amazon last week, I sold 15 books! The book "Books Into Gold" that I purchased as a PDF file has given me such good advice that I recommend it.
I majored in English for 4 years while I was researching how to decode Shakespeare better, so I have many books for sale that deal with the history of English as well as how to write. I still have 20 more shelves of books to enter into the Amazon system, and I hope to accomplish this during the next couple of weeks.
I also have The Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare (37 DVD's) for sale on Amazon, but no takers yet.... My price is actually quite competitive, but if you search for this collection, start with the acronym "BBC" and you'll find it much easier. I would have searched under Time/Life, but that appears nowhere in the Amazon record.
Several of my books for sale deal with runes and Nordic mythology, as well as with the occult because I was interested in the non-Christian aspects of folk wisdom and mythologies that preceded Shakespeare's England. Remember A Midsommer Night's Dreame? Lots of fairies, not to mention the magician and witch exist there.
Shakespeare's ultimate point, I believe, had to do with the fall of Catholicism in England -- in so far as the convents and monastaries and all church lands had been confiscated by Henry VIII, making the Catholic establishment -- such as were not immediately executed -- homeless. This homelessness was depicted in King Lear where I believe the "daughter churches" of Catholicism were depicted as the king's daughters.
Similarly, the Old Church -- as King Lear represented -- was visited by Shylock, because the Jews were treated so poorly by Christians; as were the witches living out in the open in Macbeth.
I could go on and on, except that my plan is to clear our house of my books so that I have room to make wind-powered electricity generators. My husband is also getting interested in selling his old books, so sometime in future we'll be entering several of his WWII history books onto Amazon.
Anyone interested in getting my complete list of books for sale by email Paint JPEG's, please send me an email request.

Caprica Brainstorming Session

Caprica aired its final five episodes on the Syfy Channel a little while back. When I went to find out why it aired that way, I found a website advocating that fans write the next episodes since the program had been cancelled.
After seeing the final five episodes I was still trying to digest what I had seen, plus it had preview scenes including how the girl (Lucy) who was the friend to the programming genius (Zoe) meets Clarice as the head of The Soldiers of the One.
I am terrible at names. I'll have to watch episodes again in order to capture names of characters.
Anyway, what my brain has been started on instead of the Future futuer episodes -- other than expository scenes as flashbacks -- are places where my brain had a problem with actions that were taking place in existant episodes.
Starting with the stark contrast between Joseph Adama's daughter's (Tamara) personalities after her death. First she was a crumbling, sniveling wreck who cries to her daddy about not being able to feel her heart beat, then she becomes invincible and indeed heartless, only to end up as the original computer programming genius's avatar's lapdog. I can't quite get all those transitions.
In the first place, I know of no one who -- at Tamara's age -- automatically checks herself for a pulse, or who goes so nuts when they can't find it. I understand that artistic license allows for such an artistic rendering of panic, and it was quite effective -- given its context -- for communicating to her father that she wanted his help. I can also understand that she could be quite different with her father than with others since she had her childhood experiences with him as her main psychological environment in that context.
I find myself interested in how the computer programming for such psychological interactions could have been accomplished. I prefer, however, to think of more elemental and fundamental attributes of artificial intelligence than merely telling the machine code to automatically call up past feelings and interactions with an individual to help it determine how it should act.... I guess I am exploring the idea of having more about the actual programming.
Emotions are a different area of programming from intelligence. The computer programming genius girl's (Zoe's) avatar does seem capable of some heartless logic..... How could or did the original girl program the weighting of emotions in the thought processes, plans, and actions of the avatars?
OK. I am just brainstorming here. I had more, but I forget what. Logic reminds me of Spock, particularly since the Star Trek movies have aired recently.
BTW, The King's Speech was fine. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure how much of it I missed because droning music during the second half put me to sleep. I fell asleep in Tron: Legacy for the same reason, btw. I saw Black Swan today and if you think of it as an artistic rendering of the ballet by this name, it works. No droneing music here. I had expected the swan to turn into a woman, but was informed by the movie that the ballet was about a woman turned into a swan. Being in the middle of a schizophrenic metamorphosis is this movie's way of rendering the drama and it works.
Back from Black Swan I found a synopsis of Caprica at Caprica Synopsis so that I can now report to you that Zoe Graystone is the character's name of said "computer programming genius" mentioned above. I had forgotten that her father Daniel Graystone had had a major piece of the programming puzzle delivered to his company by the Adama Cartel, but perhaps that piece dealt more with translating the artificial intelligence to work with the robot, and not as Zoe had originally made it to work inside a computerized virtual environment. Again, I would have to review the individual episodes in order to be sure of what I say here.
"Clarice Willow" and "Lucy Rand" are another two characters I mentioned but hadn't the memory of their names. Lucy is the friend of whom I spoke, Tamara is the second young woman to achieve virtual immortality inside the computerized virtual environment as an avatar, although she was not created specifically by Zoe.
That Zoe was able to rein in Tamara's (avatar's) anger, saying to Tamara that Tamara was created to help Zoe ('s avatar), was not enough for me to be able to completely accept Tamara's (avatar's) new lapdog relationship to Zoe's avatar. I believe also that Zoe's avatar had another avatar personality created in order to get along with -- and use -- Daniel's resources near the end of the final episodes. Otherwise, I would again be crying foul about a character's turnaround....
It is one thing to insist that there can only be one copy of a personality actually bonded to a particular robot body, as well as another novel idea that each user cannot come back to the virtual computer environment if her or his avatar has suffered annihilation. At some point duplication of programs must be allowed just because it is a computer thing, don't you see. So, I guess I also have a problem with the ratty, banged-up robot of Zoe's initial "ressurrection" being the only place her program could reside in the world of mechanical entities, ultimately. Perhaps, though, this limit would free every writer to evolve the story/artificial intelligences beyond their creators.... Apparently Clarice has a lot to do with the Cylons reaching their dark side....even though Zoe's dark side seemed to be dark enough initially....
Is the Caprica storyline also repeated endlessly, ultimately? That is perhaps the largest question and the ultimate reason for science fiction's many warnings about our naturally developing desire to develop artificial intelligence.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Yesterday on C-Span I watched part of an Oral History of the Rev. Walter Fauntroy. I recommend that you watch it, and I hope it will re-air today. I will be trying to recall parts of it here for you, but as I share this computer, this entry will be written slowly and in pieces during today.
As I recall, the Reverend told of how his church had many fundraisers for a long time in order to get the money to send him to college. He lives or lived in the District of Columbia, btw.
He repeated often that what everybody needs are five things: Income, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Justice.
He organized the Freedom March on Washington at which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his most famous speech. He told of how the sound system cost $66000 and it was sabotaged, and of how the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy helped them to fix it just in time for the rally speakers.
Rev. Walter Fauntroy told of his meetings with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  of his campaigns to get blacks registered to vote, and bits about the Southern Leadership Conference, etc. I'll have to watch it again to get you more details....

Central Posts

My thoughts have turned to designing the central posts of the longest whirligigs. When I consider building and then mailing these designs as kits to potential customers, I recall that there is a length limit for shipping. I have one corner of our house where a 10-foot central post is called for because the device needs to be as rigid as possible close to where it is connected both to the ground and to its hanger hook.
Dividing the central post into five-foot lengths then calls for the ability to rejoin the pieces rigidly, and provides an opportunity to place a piece of dowel through the two pieces that would provide anchors for blade connectors. The dowel device could also be used at the top of the column to connect the column to the hanger hook.
What also comes to mind is the idea of having two different diameters for the central post so that one would slide over the other with the holes for the dowel lining up across the two. The upper half of the column needs to be larger so that more blades can be mounted, or rather, strung around it, while the lower half can be of a lesser diameter, so long as a way is found to rigidly support the magnetized hoops to spin around near the stators. Again, I am leaning toward using a rigid, dowel-type of support for the magnetized hoops, although some plastic tomato stakes look to be adequate for this.
So, although there is no outward sign that I am making progress, because I have not yet actually built a generator, winter is a good time for thinking.

New Design Ideas

Just a note:  I am toying with the idea of mounting magnets on an upside down U to hang from the plastic hoop down on the in- and outsides of the stators so that the magnetic fields would go through the stator coils perpendicularly. So far I have not found a readily available U made of aluminum or plastic, but I am working on it.
Perhaps I don't need the U to be non-magnetic. If the U is of sufficient gauge perhaps I could flatten the ends to make flat surfaces on which to attach the magnets. I wish to avoid using copper or brass because these are targets for thievery. I will have to experiment with thick aluminum wire to see if it is malleable enough to pound flat. I don't suppose I would be able to bend a strip of aluminum, either.
In any case, I also need to test and compare this configuration with other designs to determine which set-up yields the most electricity.


I had a bit of help with quitting smoking yesterday as I watched the "final five" Caprica episodes on the Syfy Channel. Those episodes don't give you five minutes to go smoke a cig outside -- even in between shows.
Here I was going through Sci-Fi withdrawal from the long Christmas holiday without regular programming, and thinking, "If I can only make it to Tuesday...." and the Syfy Channel pulls regular programming to air the final five episodes of Caprica that they neglected to air during the regular season for it.
What's up with that? Did somebody strong arm them into pulling the show because it takes a dim view of monotheism? Or what?
Anyway, I started searching for info and so far found one discussion at a site where they hope to stage a fans' writing "happening" starting next Tuesday. Go see for yourself.
A great black hole has formed over the Caprica story. How do you get from where it leaves off to where Battlestar Galactica reiterates? Perhaps you can figure it out....

Happy New Year!

Beginning anew. Hmmm.... How shall I do this? New diet, new exercise program, quitting smoking, housecleaning -- these are all in the offing. On the other hand, some old habits remain, such as looking up words that I find myself using, in the dictionary, plus investigating random words that I happen to see in the dictionary among my many travel adventures there.
"Anew" seems self explanatory so I will skip that one. "Offing" or rather "in the offing" seems as old as "anew" and I guess is short for "being offered" or some such. Let's see what the dictionary says before I get back on track. "At some vague future time" seems closest. I'll try not to bore you with "officious" details, today.
So anyway, I am still stuck on my desire to get our house organized. Divesting our space of old projects is one MAJOR task, as is getting my old bedroom-turned-to-closet back into shape so that it can go back to being an actual bedroom. My dust allergy nearly always interferes with such plans, but I resolve to OVERCOME!
Which all means to say that I am busy these days trying to organize and clear space for my new endeavors into generating electricity by tapping into the wind, and this organizing and clearing will take some time.
Developing this website is obviously a LONG term project, and one I hope that patience will rain down on over the longest term.

New Acquisition

After perusing an old edition of a book that has the same main title, Power Electronics, I started trying to acquire the newest version of it, but the bookstore wanted me to pay for it before I could see it, at $173. I went instead back to Amazon and punched this title into their search engine for books. I found another book and was given a sneak peak into its contents. The page I chose had exactly what I was looking for on it!
So, after receiving this book, Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., so far I have nothing but praise for its massively complete coverage of these topics.
It also has a "Media Update" CD-ROM. This is the Third Edition, which cost me $54 "used" through Amazon. I hope the ROM works. The last time I received one of these inside a book it was so out-of-date -- because I have a low budget, you see -- that it was useless.

A New Year!

New Year's Resolutions run rampant 'round here. Sharing and recording website addresses of interest seems like a neighborly thing to do. It will take me some time to build up this entry and website, so please bear this in mind....
Obviously, losing weight has a high priority for me, as high as quitting smoking. I purchased the Diet Solutions Program a few days ago, and started counting the number of cigarettes that I smoke each day -- which was a difficult task since I rolled my own, until I finally found a solultion to that question. I believe that gradual reduction is safer than cold turkey quitting, but I first had to have a baseline from which to start cutting down.
The Diet Solution Plan takes time to read. I must have 11 books to read now, but I'm on my way!
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