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WindTapper's Blog

December 2010

Life Happens

Watching Animal Planet programs yesterday -- because not even AFV was on -- I saw lots of kitties, dogs, and other animal countdowns for "cutest" categories. Then there was the "Baddest Dog" category for which species other than dogs were eligible.
This baby racoon was brought up to survive by a caring individual who planned to release it to the wild when it got older, and did let it go wild. Unfortunately, this animal apparently also felt it had extra "rights" and had its way with the fellow's house, causing $10,000 worth of damage. I guess you just had to be there to see it, but the program brought up vulnerabilities of households to animal encroachments.
So, my design for electrical generators that hang from eave corners has now taken a turn for the more cautious design where placement of the electrical generator is further away from casual wild animal access.
I still plan to test my generators at first, with the generators near the ground, but I am working on also putting later generators up high to keep racoons off them. Little kids would be less likely to try to climb up on them this way, too.
To see these shows go to Cutest Dogs, Cutest Cats, and watch on The Animal Planet the pilot for the Bad Dog! series Dec. 31st at 7 a.m., and/or Jan. 8th at 7 p.m. The last is the show with the racoon, btw.

Serendiptous Art Reviews

Brief comments:
I totally enjoyed the Christmas programs on Eureka and Warehouse 13 last week. Paul Simon was smokin'! on the Colbert Report recently. Very "in the moment" was Paul Simon and friends' performance of his Christmas preparations song.
I also melt every time I watch Bing Crosby's White Christmas.
Tron, not so much. Droning music always puts me to sleep. I'll never know what I missed today. For some reason I couldn't catch much of the drift of Tron: Legacy. Maybe because it is no longer new, or maybe because I couldn't follow the logic in computer programming terms as much the first Tron was quite loyal to coding terms. However, in a weird sort of way, the genesis of a real human being, while not exactly explained, who could be imagined to spontaneously appear after several (off camera, off scene) artistic creations that have been displayed in our cosmos, strikes a chord regarding online personas that people create -- actually these are masks, though.
*              *             *              *               *               *               *                *              *
Kurt Vonnegut, et al appeared on C-Span today, and Vonnegut said that "the model for" one of his characters of Slaughterhouse Five actually died 6 weeks before WWII ended, and he told about the circumstances. Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22 also expressed his feeling that a certain type of man -- exemplified by one of his characters -- more than likely does exist, or did.... Artifacts of fiction are closer to reality than many of us are prepared to admit.... To see this program go to C-Span and click on the arrow there to see the video.
*               *                  *                 *                *                 *                 *              *
Later notes:
Tron is still on my mind after sleeping on it. Bringing Existential and Zen philosophies into computers and network communications is a very artistic thing to do. It reminds me of cross-overs some artists create between music and color, for example. And the statement of the father, "The world is more connected than you realize," strikes yet another, inter-layerable topic structure. Personal existence has increased on the Internet due to individuals' increased abilities to program parts of it, as our connected minds and ideas intertwine regardless of oceanic distances (i.e. gulfs) among us.
Programs, ideas, and personalities all overlap, bleeding into one another, so that boundaries among realities no longer exist in Tron, except when the father-construct chooses to lose himself in thought. Tron shows a bit of a transition among generations, too, where the middle layer is very connected, the oldest is unconnected, and the youngest is becoming something else....
The competitiveness of Tron video game motorcycling makes me wish for a non-lethal place where hackers and computer programmers could compete as gladiators for the benefit of overall computer and network security, instead of having only the stealth free-for-all that we have now. 

Happy Holidays 2

Changing our house over from being a launchpad for book writing, to being a research establishment, is not all that difficult, except for the content of the books that I have accumulated over the last 8 years or so. I will be selling nearly 1000 books, I hope -- mostly related to Shakespeare studies -- in order to create space for my windpower device manufacturing activities.
First on my list is clearing up our living room, and that is what I've been working on this week. Today I attack our couches and rug with a vacuum, then put the couch covers back on the couches. I made two, matching covers, from light green heavy duty curtain material, when we moved into this house, but they have been languishing near the sewing machine after I washed them.
Unfortunately, I added two tables to our workshop where my sewing machine resides. My husband's fishing gear expanded onto the tables which are too close to the sewing machine. Now I can barely see the sewing machine. Oh well. Another project to do.... I guess I'll have to hand stich the couch covers if I want to get them back onto the couches....
So anyway, I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about windpowered electric generators. I am just busy cleaning for the holidays and trying to organize our house so that I can produce devices.
Every day I think about how I will build devices. For example, I had been purchasing PVC pipe of ever decreasing diameters to use as the central pole for the devices, but I believe I have finally gone too far in cutting down on weight. The last one I bought was 1/2" in diameter. That seems too small to provide enough support for the magnetized hoops, even in mere thought experiments, lol.

Happy Holidays

I am sorry I cannot capture the full beauty of the holographic needles. Oh well. We does the best that we kin....

Spooky Rumor w/Later Notes & Later Still

Perhaps we could call it an urban legend, and it has the makings for a sci/fi/spook tale. A recent bit of spam that I received on Dec. 2 from "GreenDIYenergy" starts this rumor with "Was Edison murdered?" in effect. You can catch their drift at Edison'sCurrent.
I have no financial ties to GreenDIYenergy or to the book they are advertising, other than they have piqued my interest, and BEWARE their website if you decide to buy the book -- don't forget the coupon code that the spam gives: GreenDIYenergy. This coupon code ostensibly removes $30 off the inflated price of the book.
Anyway, BEWARE of the website if you decide to buy the book. This same set of website tools that they use to take your money for the advertiser's product, also is set up to confuse wary customers. They took me for two copies of something last year because their website hangs up and you can't tell whether or not your order went through. Then you get a long insert begging you to not navigate away from the page and telling you to wait, but WAIT is all that happens. I did return one copy, and ostensibly got my money back for it, later.
DO NOT click the button that says "Please Wait" again, or you might be charged for multiple "discounted" copies of the book, although, the "Please Wait" may be an improvement over last year's system.
I checked, and I can't see the book on Amazon. They got my credit card information but did not acknowledge receipt of same or that they would send me the book. Seems pretty damn fishy to me, ALL the way around.
Later Notes: I spent time looking into Edison's patents to see if I could find the aforementioned electric generator designed by Edison. I couldn't find it, but one entry on the Edison's patent list website referred to a patent from the Westaway company and it was definitely not about "Electric Generator" as the site listed it. I will look into this in a few days, I hope. Our university library has shortened hours during Winter Break, so it will have to wait til next week.
On another front I tried to find out who was selling the book, but again, information is not forthcoming. They call themselves the "Edison's Current Team" on their advertisement. I contacted them through email and told them about getting a "Please Wait" with no confirmation. A person said he'd heard of no downtime on their site and asked exactly what site I had visited. I told him the path I had taken. I heard nothing back but later received a notice from UPS with a tracking number. No info on who sent it but the trail led back to West Springfield, Massachusetts. I can only hope that the book will arrive in a few days, and then I might be able to say more about this whole "rumor".
On a third front I looked up Plimus as best I could, which handles the affiliated marketing and Secure Checkout system for the book. They turn out to say they are based in Silicon Valley -- but no address either. They have a few Israeli's at the helm besides other, American-sounding company officers.
I admire their ability to sell books and pdf's, so I have another reason to look into them, because I hope to sell such stuff online someday -- particularly in the area of green energy projects. I might affiliate myself with them someday, but I won't if they don't act in good faith, or rip me off as a customer. I won't let a business partner rip off my customers.
Later Still (Dec. 11th): Nothing has shown up yet although I had gotten something seemingly from UPS. I wonder if that was just a scam spam to get people to log into UPS? Who knows? Additionally, I noticed that the coupon code for getting a discount on the Edison's Current Blueprint is slightly different from what I had entered. So maybe I screwed up. I'll have to check on that. It was later spam from the Edison's Current Team that gave the coupon code as Green DIY. I am not sure whether or not there was supposed to be a space between Green and DIY, but in any case, the latest spam from them says the code expired Dec. 8th.
So anyway, my research is cut out for me once I make it to the university library to look up patents by Edison.... Those are not so easy to come by since they were issued between 1880 and 1926. I am NOT paying $79 for the blueprints....
Please let me know if anyone does. Perhaps we could share intel?

Political Entries

Dear Viewers,
Prior to elections I produce political rhetoric and I feel that it is my duty to voice my opinions at that time. Staying on the sidelines gets us conservative governments because it is the older voters who turn out for non Presidential elections, by a wide margin.
This country is great in many ways, not the least of which is its freedom of speech, particularly related to its elections. Without freedom of speech -- I keep feeling I should capitalize F and S, btw -- we would have always had and still have monarchs and little princes such as the Bush juniors as our leaders.
The multiple-party system helps us to keep each other's representatives' feet to the fire, which makes us stronger as a nation.
I apologize to people who took offense at my rhetorical persuasion, and I also take offense at plenty of rhetoric that appeared and played on TV and radio over the last couple of decades -- particularly extreme right-wing rhetoric. The alternative to participation in the debate is to shut up. Well, I pretty much do that in between elections, and I usually "wash my mouth out with soap"-- in a manner of speaking -- after elections are done. Which is why I periodically remove political materials from my blogs.
On another note, my Vista website tells me I had comments on some of my entries, but I cannot find them. I am sorry if you feel you've been ignored. I am still trying to figure out why it says I have comments but none are showing up anywhere that I can find....
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