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WindTapper's Blog

November 2010

Holiday Weekend Fare

I read Idoru and am working on All Tomorrow's Parties  by William Gibson, this holiday weekend. I hadn't known those two books existed until I clicked on William Gibson's name at Amazon last week or so and saw them.
It is funny how vignettes and scenery show up in movies that I can feel came from William Gibson, but I don't find his name anywhere in the credits. I am half blind, however.
We're going to see Unstoppable because my husband's new hobby is train-watching. I guess he simply couldn't get inspired enough to see Morning Glory as I did -- probably because he's a guy and all.... Harrison Ford is the draw there.
Besides normal cooking and cleaning I've been taking it pretty easy these last few days because I hurt my back -- probably by not drinking enough liquid, or else due to strains suffered while scraping paint off our house. One day I basically had the ladder set up backwards, because I was using my left arm mostly. That twisted me around in a direction I don't normally function in.
I felt better today and made up a big pot of smokin' spaghetti sauce to have with salmon. Man that stuff is good.!
On other frequencies I spend time imagining how to design fully functional containers for batteries that sit outside, under the wind electric generators. I am still looking to find the least expensive way to do everything, so I might drill holes in plastic containers that come from places such as Wal-Mart. One could create a cement casing/box to set the plastic stuff into, but I gotta start somewhere. Anyway, I can see that I can't imagine things 1/100th as fast as William Gibson can.... Oh well....
Maybe how slow I am at designing stuff will irk somebody enough to get them to get up off their hind ends and design these things faster than I can....

Serendiptous Syntheses

My portrait on my Home Page has me wearing a Sierra Club T-shirt that says, "Beyond Coal" and has two oppositely directioned arrows. Well, last evening I watched an alternative energy program on CNBC and, apparently, plans are in the works for turning CO2 emissions from power plants into cement.
My husband who majored in Chemistry as an undergrad says that something will have to be added in order to get cement. I imagine that calcium would come in handy, lol.
Anyway, after I was admiring a few lettuce plants in our garden yesterday, I got a little light bulb turning on over my head, in a manner of speaking: "A heated greenhouse! That's something I could do with the electricity I will be generating some day!"
Stay with me now. I am reporting here several hours of thoughts....
I have this very sunny hill where I could either put a greenhouse or string a series of wind-powered electricity generators, but probably not both. So, in my mind, I toyed with designs for both in order to compare their efficacies.
On the one hand, I was thinking of erecting two posts at both ends of the space I have available and running heavy aluminum wire from which to hang whirligigs. As the space is near the bottom of the hill, a relatively constant wind of the coldest air rolls through the space, let's say, for the cold half of the year. I was thinking of cement posts and of how to make them myself. And since my secret love is sculpture, I was considering carving mold designs for my Christmas Holiday's pick-me-up project.
So, you see where I'm going. Instead of hating coal, we might be able to make concrete pillars from the CO2 that coal produces -- someday, from which to hang alternative energy gizmos or from which to build greenhouses -- humming all the while as we imagine designs with which to decorate the cement surfaces....
This reminds me of Thomas Dylan's "Time held us green and dying / As we sang in our chains like the sea."

Organizing Our Space

I need space in our house for manufacturing wind electricity generators, so I have decided to become an online bookseller with Alibris in order to move some 1000 or so books that I have accumulated over the years. The largest collection has to do with Shakespeare and his cultural environment. Next, I have a collection of books that explain how to create art -- both in watercolor and in pen and ink. The third collection is electronics books but I'll be keeping those. Some books on indexing I don't believe anyone would care to buy. I doubt I will sell my Sci-Fi books. These are too close to my heart.
Perhaps, if I have any success with this bookselling, I might continue being a bookseller, but first things first.... At any rate, I should be able to convert my books into more cash than if I had a yard sale, lol.
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