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See fun magnetic marble videos at YourOwnUniverse,  at MysticalMagnets! See Magnetic Motors at YouTube!
I have tons of pix showing my investigations into the magnetic flux geometries involved when putting high-powered magnetic marbles inside the hollow plastic quarter-hoops that I get through the Oriental Trader dot com. I think I'll be moving to the disc shape of high-powered magnet, though.
At any rate, this site might earn some cash for me if you click the link to K & J Magnetics and buy some of their wares. They sell high-powered magnets. You can get a pretty decent price if you buy the smaller sized magnets. Those smaller magnets still have PLENTY of punch.
I'll be getting banner ads from K & J and will probably spread them throughout this website. They will probably be my one and only Affiliate partner on this website, too.
BTW, I did a lot of experiments and have many photos with explanations, starting from sometime in the Fall of '09, but yardwork is keeping me pretty busy right now. I think that Fall and Winter are the best times for experiments because there is no outside work, relatively speaking when the weather gets bad. However, my wind turbines spun happily through the Fall and Winter months....
K & J Magnetics, by the way, has some nifty graphic depictions of the magnetic fields for each of the magnets that they sell. The first magnet I bought 50 of, to place in my plastic hoops as the "fuel" for generating electricity, has its magnetic field graphic at
To see what all the colors mean, that is, to see the legend, take the link above this graphic. The legend indicates the magenta color as the area having the highest Gauss or number of flux lines. 8500-9500+ is the Gauss for the magenta area(s). The orange to yellow areas have 8000-500 Gauss, declining rapidly across the yellow area(s), with the blue areas listed as 0-500 Gauss.
The yellow area(s) actually extend to approximately 3/4 the diameter of the sphere, although this color graphic does not show this clearly. I have a printout where the blue does not drown out the yellow because my printer was out of blue.

K&J Magnetics, Inc. has a nifty blog at their site with a variety of articles explaining lots of magnetics stuff, complete with links to Wikipedia entries on more aspects of magnets than you ever knew existed. Just click this link and look for "BLOG" in the left hand column.
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