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Posted May 28, 2010:
WindTapper is my latest "handle" at, where I was posting pictures with explanations of my experiments into building wind-powered turbines that I hoped could eventually turn magnets that would induce current into wire windings set up in circuits that would supply electricity to batteries that could eventually power at least parts of our household electricity requirements.
I engage in trying to design wind turbines for home use because I see and feel that there is wind all around our house, even though our house stands at the bottom of a hill, and even though I have been reading engineers who write that people shouldn't bother building wind turbines if they are not at certain altitudes/kilowatts/distances-from-buildings/etc.
I am not an electrician or any type of certified engineer. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for everything you do, whether or not you found encouragement, inspiration, or nudging from this website or from anywhere else. YOU MUST TAKE FULL RESPONSIBLITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. I, on the other hand, will try to warn you about dangers of building your own circuits, as best I can. I encourage you to take Electrician's Certification courses, and will try to point out particular hazards -- all along the way, throughout all my experiments -- in case you try to duplicate anything, because I care, because I don't want to see anyone come to harm -- ESPECIALLY if "they saw it here first."
I often go out of my way to be honest with readers about my own investigations and lack of solid information. (Please see "Killer Catfish" on The Animal Planet for another example of this type of documentation or see my review for May 28, 2010 at I hope that you will partake of what I hope to be a communal activity where many people investigate home-built, wind-powered electricity generation, storage, control, and safety considerations -- all in relation to low-cost design and production, information sharing and storage, grassroots engineering.
They say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," and hell is possibly most often depicted with flames.  Improper, poorly designed, under-engineered, or damaged circuits  often cause fire hazards. You don't want to try to "make the eagle scream" with your home-built electricity generation, only to -- God forbid -- burn your house or other buildings down in the process, knock wood., not to mention the bodily harm that fire hazards threaten you with.
Eventually I will display my journal of experiments, and I hope you will understand that I am sharing this information because I believe in individual experimentation as a path to personal growth -- in a manner of speaking. Educational benefits acrue to those who experiment over time, even though you don't earn a certificate or degree from some school in the process. I am thus trying to encourage others to think for themselves, to explore and experiment for themselves, rather than remaining completely dependent on received wisdom and social custom to supply what they need.
Another hazard that engineers, mathematicians, physical science teachers, and physicists warn of is believing in the impossible. Specifically, I believed that one could "square the circle" and I was later shown to be correct in that belief. In my own mind I saw the circle as a 2-dimensional representation of the profile of a sphere. It was the model that was previously defective, because it was always 2-dimensional, but when reality interceded and the 3rd dimension was restored to the problem, the circle was "squared."
Similarly, I often wondered whether or not a magnetically powered geometric configuration of a wheel could produce perpetual motion. This is the greatest inducer of disbelief among physicists, chemists, etc., whom I have talked to. "The Second Law of Thermodynamics," they "yell" at me, precludes perpetual motion! OK. I hear you. But, do you see the planets rotating perpetually around the sun? Do you "see" electrons rotating perpetually around nucleii?
Surely someday the planets will someday stop rotating around the sun, which makes me know the physicists are correct that there is not perpetual motion, but when the planets no longer rotate around the sun and the electrons no longer rotate around nucleii will be a VERY long time. Isn't that perpetual enough for you?
Magnets retain their magnetism if they are not heated too much, and are not forced too much. Protect your magnets from these two destructive forces and your magnets will be permanent.... More on this later.... YouTube has a video on Magnetic Perpetual Motion. How can I tell whether or not this is a hoax? I'd have to try to build it myself, but I have long been toying with the idea of a perpetual motion magnetic wheel. I felt that if you could only design a configuration that takes advantage of gravity and magnetism to keep the elements always off balance, you would continuously rotate a wheel.... See Magnetic Motors, PM-CapricornFree Energy Video 5, and Perpetual Motion  at YouTube. Explore!
So anyway, tapping into the power of the wind does not violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics....
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