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Sat 1/30/2010 10:19 AM Books Again
A book by Dan Chiras with Mick Sagrillo and Ian Woofenden, "Books for Wiser Living,  Recommendation of Mother Earth News" emblem adorns the cover of Power from the Wind, Achieving Energy Independence, A Practical Guide to Small-scale Energy Production, New Society Publishers: Gabriola Island [British Colombia], 2009. This book contains pretty nearly everything I was wondering about regarding small-scale wind energy production including inverters, battery blocks, turbulence vs height and low structures..... Very nice graphics and graphs. I haven't yet actually read it. It just came in the mail.
Mon 1/25/2010 4:51 AM 50 Degrees, But Not for Long
... I've been on the web, searching for information about AC to AC frequency conversion because when the AC output from a wind turbine is rectified to DC prior to reconversion back to AC 60 Hz, it loses half its power, according to Kuecken. I wondered if anybody now makes AC to AC converters that saves that lost half of the waveform.
I found, btw, that has nice indexing, catalogues, product descriptions, and videos to view on lots of technical topics. While at the site I ran into another site, also, that sells CD's with 50 PDF's related to whatever technical topic you search on. The PDF's are of patents on your subject search. I got offered one sample of 50 descriptions of AC frequency conversion. However, it was of a converter that starts with rectification to DC, although, it took both polarities of the waveform....
Sun 1/17/2010 9:28 PM Searching for Sheets of PVC
I finally found some sheets of PVC in Lima, Ohio at U.S. Plastics, except they won't quote me an actual price because a 4 X 8 sheet needs "drop shipment" which is something whose price must be negotiated. Damn. I have to pay four times more for the PVC sheets if I get their next size down. I was saying to my husband that I should just drive there to get it, but he objected. He said it would cost $50 to drive there and back.
"But," I said, "If they have a store there, then I could actually see what the product looks like. I could shop and avoid buying stuff that I won't actually be wanting to use." Then I got an idea that maybe I could ask them if they have samples. Naw. I should just go there. There are a lot of products I'd be interested in buying from them if the pictures on the web are giving me a good idea of what they actually look like....
But then I finally ran into where I can search by product and North and South parts of states.... I found another supplier, but I haven't yet found out if they have a website, so I don't yet know if they actually have what I am looking for....I remember the Thomas Catalog -- a set of big green books at the Reference Department of the Library where I worked -- that lists products by manufacturers each year.... Nice that they are online now....
I also ran into Earthworks Systems which seems to claim to have some sort of PVC recycling operation, but I can't actually find anybody to supply recycled PVC....
The web is a tricky place. B2B is especially mysterious. At least I was able to put up a sort of business card at Thomasnet....
Anyway, I've been working in my mind on designs for wind electric generators for our house. My husband is also participating with ideas for applications for the electricity that I might generate. That's nice. I'm shooting for recharging our electric car -- that we don't yet have, lol....
Sun 1/17/2010 9:19 AM Checking the Perimeter
The subject reminds me of the commercial where the Viking is "guarding the perimeter", lol. I went out in the rain today to check our perimeter. I had on a rain jacket and Croc shoes, and I guess it is around 40 degrees. One of the perimeter checks includes the egress pipe from our septic tank. It had some issues, such as built-up leaves and twigs plus sediment build-up from the creek along the water's path for joining the creek.
This means I got my toes wet in my Crocs. So, with wet toes, I was then able to detect when there were more rapid flows of air along the ground because my toes cried out -- so to speak -- with coldness. I probably should have taken my new WindMaster device with me, but I forgot it, and besides, I haven't yet studied it enough to be able to operate it properly.
Anyway, I started to get ideas of how to draw diagrams of how the wind flows on our property, especially in relation to structures and features of the landscape..... I checked out one location that has a convenient tree limb for hanging WindTapper devices, but it was next to two other trees, so the wind was pretty much blocked and I got no coldness signals from my toes there, either. Bummer.
Other ideas include hanging devices from eaves, plus I have a pulley that the previous owners attached to our house, and which previously connected to a pulley on a tree -- which I took down because it would have killed the tree the way it was attached. I am looking for tree spikes, which are more "tree-hugger" friendly than hanging anything completely around a tree trunk or limb for the longer term. I could have hung many windtappers from that line but they would not have immediately been beneficiaries of the wind that is channeled/concentrated by the ground. Any large structure is going to concentrate wind along its surfaces, and this includes the ground itself.
Years ago I had attached chord to some trees that anchors some plastic green fencing that drags itself in our creek for soil conservation purposes. I am building up a few banks to try to protect some trees that the creek's flow threatens, so I had to check to make sure the trees hadn't been strangled by the chords. I had a few small trees nearly strangling a few years ago because I hadn't realized how fast they grow....
Fri 1/15/2010 9:46 PM TradeMark Considerations
After cogitating all day on the idea of my trademark application, plus a little bit of tweaking of my first drafts, I've decided that the major consideration is that "There's nothing to it but to do it." I'm talking about doing the activities for which I'll be seeking the trademark.
And, it seems, one does not have to get the trademark immediately, just as one does not have to go and get a copyright immediately. I already have a measure of protection just by doing what I am doing, which is publishing on Blogit....
So. On with the show! Currently I am toying with various ideas on how to mount these test devices that I will be building soon. Cost considerations are pretty high up on the list of priorities because I'll eventually probably want to mount nearly 100 of these test devices in order to get enough electricity to be seriously generating electricity.
Currently I am waiting for shipments of parts, but tomorrow I'll be looking on the web for more suppliers of parts such as ball bearings, aluminum wire, and magnets.
Thu 1/14/2010 10:50 PM Trademark Application
One of the uses of writing is for legal documents, contracts, and applications. Below I display my most recent draft of a description of what I would apply my trademark to, if I were granted a trademark on my Blogit handle, WindTapper:
WindTapper Trademark Declaration
WindTapper: for educational materials for educational activities about small, home-based, home-made or home-built-from-kits electricity generators, their design, construction, testing, applications, maintenance, and marketing.
Includes but not limited to instructional guides, research reports, diagrams, videos, and website communications on the topics of designing, testing, building, placing, mounting, wiring, utilizing, buying and selling small electricity generators partially made from either recycled materials such as cut-up plastic water jugs or other readily available and low-cost materials such as plastics, aluminum wire, and fabrics, either from instructions and/or self-made designs, from kits, or ready-made. Also includes demonstration devices such as actual small electricity generators, either for educational purposes, for advertising, for testing, for usage, for display, and/or for generating electricity.
Later Note: After re-reading this and the previous entry's declaration, I see that this is less clear than my first declaration. On the other hand, how many legal documents are crystal clear, lol?
I know. Somewhere in between is probably better, yet I am continuing to ponder the legal issues and requirements of trademark declarations.... I must read more from the trademark office. I suppose, looking into court cases involving trademarks could help....
Thu 1/14/2010 6:10 AM Trademark Application Process
I am studying the trademark application process now, and fees ($275 minimum), etc. for the possibility of getting a trademark for my handle so that I might create, manufacture, advertise, and sell wind-powered electricity generators plus information, instructions, and diagrams for kits and/or do-it-yourself electricity generators. This includes, therefore, information that I post into these entries, or any books, booklets, or other instruction sheets I might provide with my devices.
 Wish me luck.
I am reminded of the song, "Rhianna" with its "taken by, taken by the sky" and "taken by the wind."
Later Note: After reading some stuff at the Trademark Office I see now that I should start with the description: "Educational Materials for producing small, low-cost, low-power, home-based electricity generators. Educational materials includes text, photos, diagrams, sketches, and devices that demonstrate and/or advertise and/or test the processes of designing, placing, and building small, wind-powered turbines and electricity generators. These educational materials include research reports, brainstorming reports, videos, and small demonstration devices and/or kits that can be built by individuals and/or purchased as kits, plus instruction manuals, kits, and plans from myself and/or others whom I and my husband license to do so under our trademark. Educational materials are also delivered via the Internet through blogs, chat groups, and dedicated websites." (To be expanded at a later date to include actual household electricity generators, instruction manuals, and electricity system plans and/or parts lists with suppliers noted and wiring schematics.)
Fri 1/1/2010 5:04 AM Happy New Year!
Glad you could make it! (Shades of Tina Turner's song that asks, "Who's going to make it tonight?") We have a new Savidor Dali calendar that has one of his melting clock-faces dripping down the page for January. I find it rather ugly this morning for some reason, perhaps because my brain awoke this morning firing on all cylinders, so to speak. No. Actually, it is this particular version on that theme of relativity.
This painting is Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion, 1954. It reminds me how close we are to Armageddon, which is none too pleasing....although if you think of 9/11 as Armageddon, then you can think of this world as Post Apocalyptic and start figuring out how to be self-sufficient off the scraps of our once-great civilization.
...I was all over our yard taking measurements of wind speed and direction while trying to figure out how to map the contours of the yard as they pertain to wind measurements. I am also now determined to search for the best prevailing wind direction and speed data that I can find for our area, at the highest frequency possible. This may take some time to accomplish because we have a university here that might be taking down this information....
The prevailing wind speed and direction cannot actually be related second-by-second to real data on the grounds of our property for any great scientific effect because local windspeed and direction varies, lol... I just thought that I should try to generally record these things in relation to maps I may draw of prevailing or seasonal wind patterns in our area and on our background for designing, explaining, and maybe selling the idea of locally designed wind-powered electric generation.
Those two paragraphs should be in my "Alternative Energy Gadgets" blog. Sorry.
Sat 12/26/2009 1:58 AM Computers vs Brains & Psyches [small excerpt] 
...I want to build the least expensive wind-tapper-trappers possible, ones that anyone can build for themselves that run on low wind situations, and linking these up to the proper household infrastructure so that individual households can generate their own electricity. This project will take me a while to accomplish....
Sun 11/29/2009 8:56 PM Handle Considerations
I am looking for a new handle on Blogit.
WindTalker is taken as of July 2003, but this person has no blogs.
I am open to suggestions. Even though Blogit says I can use Wind_Talker, it is too much like WindTalker for my comfort.
Rhiannon is taken: "All your life you've never seen a woman / taken by the wind..." Fleetwood Mac. So many others are taken. Names never were my strong suit, either.
However, I have changed my handle to WindTapper. I liked WindTrapper for a minute or so, but the wind cannot be trapped -- truly it cannot. So I went back to Tapper. I considered DancesWithWind, but again, this was too impossible.
WindTapper reminds me of people who tap into Sugar Maple trees in order to make syrup. Or tapping someone on the shoulder. Tapping seems much less destructive than trapping, although, I had a flash of someone such as Daniel Boone in a raccoon hat, trapping animals in the woods. Instead, I try to tap into the power of the wind -- or at least I dream of doing so.
I'll have to see if I can find a windmill to use as a logo....
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