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WindTapper's Blog

A Very Sad Day For Environmentalism

Barring vote counting irregularity revelations -- which will always be possible given computer counting of ballots -- President-elect Donald Trump's attitude toward reducing carbon emissions portends a VERY bleak outlook for reduction of global warming.

While Hillary promised to retrain coal miners for environmentally progressive careers in solar and wind energy production, The Donald promised to restore black-lung and carbon emission-producing coal mining. Way to go Donald! Buy votes in coal mining states, thereby promising to continue flooding low-lying coastal areas, and continue to burn the Southwest, and dry out our southern states.

It's going to be a VERY long 4 years, except that The Donald might find a way to shorten all our lives with his hands on "The Button" -- KNOCK WOOD! And not only that, but since he has no idea of how his low-class, but very public blustering can anger foreign leaders such as reside in other nuclear powers.... I shudder to think.....

All we can do is keep working on alternative energy production to try to counteract The Donald's vote-buying strategies. My commitment to wind and solar power has just increased immeasurably.

Later Note (11/9/16): Wait a minute. "Hillary won in the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College"? This reported on PBS today. The Electoral College does not actually vote until January 2017, folks. This gives us time to dig up whatever dirt we can find on Trump and change the minds of the electors. Tee Hee. Or The Donald might do something grossly negligent, perhaps, but I doubt it. Anyway, that's what the Electoral College is for, after all, to protect us against someone found to be grossly unfit for the office of the Presidency, before he takes office officially.

Later Note (Veterans Day): Thinking that Jill Stein pulled off another destructive, Nadorite coup is tempting; however, the Electoral College aspect of our democracy inserts the Constitutional Convention's compromise into our selection of President. Like the Senate, which gives 2 votes to each state, regardless of its population totals, the Electoral College provides a hedge against the most populous states' citizens dictatorial power over the rural and relatively unpopulated states. As the electoral maps all showed, a handful of coastal states went for Hillary, while the vast middle of the lower 48 went the other way. So, our most populous states: New York and California cannot dictate to all the rest of us.

I still shudder to think what The Donald and his progeny will do to us, but we were all pretty much expecting some sort of Armagedan anyway, don't you think? "Live and Learn" and "Adapt or Die" are the only platitudes I can muster, right now.

Some Movie-Talk

The Hollars is great, especially if you'd like to take a break from action flicks. Family values, sure, especially if you'd like to be immersed in how people should be treating other members of their own families, no matter how fractured they become through divorce and/or mental instabilities.... Also, you get a preview or review of possible scenarios regarding personal experiences with the healthcare system and financial difficulties. Planning ahead, doing your homework on healthcare facilities, etc. -- all that, it still made me feel good, this movie.

I opted out of Sully because I have a fear of flying, but a young man told me the movie is good. It probably is, but I think I'll wait til it hits TV, in order to save money for retirement years....

Deepwater Horizon strikes me as a disaster flick I'd rather not have writ large, as it were. I avoided The Titanic for the same reason. I'm sure it's good and all, but eleven men died there....

Why do I keep watching the twin towers fall when a recording is on TV? I prefer made-up disasters such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. There I know the deaths are fiction....


I left philosophy as a possible major in college once I came across the solipsism of phenomenology decades ago. Struggling with how to "prove" that others exist a la Descartes' "I think, therefore I am" I finally decided today to attack it with two prongs instead of only one.

We exist because I did not create the universe, and because successful communication requires mutual efforts.

So there.

Harvest Season

As summer is winding down, so are our tomato plants, although, some of them are 10-foot long vines, crawling over our 7-foot fencing and beyond.... Frost does not look to be coming anytime soon, though.

I recently changed our slideshow pix on our screensaver, from my husband's fishing adventures to a group from three years ago when our cats were new to us. One cat had been relatively recently born. I am very much enjoying watching and imagining his new brain and body trying to figure out what he was. It is as though consciousness is planted into bodies and we find out what we've become -- whether fish, fowl, cat, porpose, or human....

Btw, some fantastic sales at from Daedalus Books, Music & DVDs have kept me hopping lately. How's $4.98 vs $27 sound? Check it out. If you have their catalog, then when you search on their item number, they list other books on nearly the same topic.

My Amazon has stopped selling my books, it seems. Nothing sold since April. I guess this is because I rejected Amazon's requirement that we use Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I just got off Microsoft's program because it crashed too darn many times, plus Microsoft was guilty of unfair competition in the past. I wanted also to give other companies a chance to develop their web browsers, too. I might have to end my relationship with Amazon Seller Central if they don't relent....

Voting day is slowly approaching. Oct. 12th here in Ohio is the first day of early voting. I could not be surer of whom I am voting for: it's Hillary and the Dems all the way!

CNN Pre-empts Fareed Zakaria GPS

OK. So war, acts of terrorism, and other "push-your-buttons" events are the lifeblood of CNN, but miles and miles of interviews with officials with any jurisdiction over areas/states near blast zones, that preempt informative and eminently thoughtful programs such as Fareed Zakaria GPS -- that preemption by CNN is suspicious.

Tree Planting

I planted another Fuji apple tree yesterday, next to our one and only spinning whirligig, btw. The tree would grow way better down by the Stop sign, but, you know, it could become a hazard to navigation there; so I had to settle....

Tomatoes have been quite prolific this year, since I switched to organic methods of pest control. I have probably given away a bushel of tomatoes so far.

Sorry the wind projects are on hold until after our presidential election is over. So much to do, so little time!

Gallon Jugs for Whirligig Blades

Two brands of the clear plastic jugs: Clover Valley Distilled Water (from Dollar General) compared with the Ice Mountain Drinking Water (from WallMart) have different aerodynamics. The Clover Valley gallon jugs compare quite favorably because the side of the blade that would resist turning in the direction that is being pushed or cupped from the prevailing wind side -- that resistance side is quite "slippery" to wind. In other words, the resistance side allows air to slip past it with what seems to be the least resistance.

On the other hand, even though I was quite excited that the Ice Mountain jugs might have two blades per bottle instead of the normal one blade, it turns out that the resistance side is either flat or concave, producing too much resistance to the prevailing winds, ultimately. I have not yet put this to a physical test, though. It is just by looking at the first two blades that I cut off an Ice Mountain bottle that gives me this impression. I do not even feel it worthwhile to prove my assertion with a physical experiment.

Perhaps I'll post pix after the sun comes up, lol....

Dear Diary

Sorry I've been too busy to post lately, what with the tomato crop coming in, etc.

Hopefully I've discovered a way to get more of the clear, gallon plastic jug tops to use for whirligig blades.

Our air conditioner died, which caused great consternation. I was on midnight shift, so to speak, because it was too hot to do anything during the day. But our mower was in the shop, too, which played havoc with my schedule, too.

Also, part of one of our little fences collapsed, so that was another project. 

Now I am volunteering at the Dems for the upcoming election efforts. DON'T get me started on Trump. It wouldn't be pretty, lol....

More Deer Pix

I don't know if the other twin fawn got lost, or if this is a different doe with her baby.


Dollar General has stocked the good gallon bottles of distilled water again! The plastic is much tougher than yer average gallon jug. The only problem is that this is not the season for us to actually use the distilled water, so now I have 10 bottles waiting for the winter dryness of central heating.

In the meantime I dream of building whirligigs....

My current designs include 2 to 4 short gigs, hung from poles attached to the sidebars of our swing-set. I think I could hang four of them. Preventing grass from fouling everything up, or cats from rubbing themselves on the apparati are two problems to overcome. Not to mention the extreme angle of the ground in relation to providing a horizontal base on which to place coils....

I am also double-checking previous design plans. Apparently I did not take into consideration that a magnet pivoting on a pole would only contact a coil placed at its center pivot at two places -- places which would have extremely limited numbers of flux lines crossing the coils....

So, in several ways, I am back to the drawing board.

Btw, I finished the psychiatry book and am now working on a book from 1993 that our local Little Professor finally released for pittance: Herblock: A Cartoonist's Life by Herbert Block. I am enjoying it. The psychiatry book also contained some helpful information about the relationship between Jung and Freud's works/attitudes. Let me see now, what was that book's name? Churchill's Black Dog, Kafka's Mice & Other Phenomena of the Human Mind. I always liked Jung better than Freud, not that I knew much beyond popular scuttlebutt about either one....

I also enjoyed Now You See Me 2 and Central Intelligence. Actually, I enjoyed Central Intelligence better than Independence Day Resurgence because the former was less work -- no comparisons to previous characters and plotlines to distract from enjoyment. Unless you started to get the idea that Central Intelligence slightly resembles the set-up of the Jackie Chan movies.....

Dear Diary

I'm reading a book by Anthony Storr, Churchill's Black Dog, Kafka's Mice & Other Phenomena of the Human Mind. So far I've gotten through Churchill's chapter, starting now on Kafka's. I had read Churchill's autobiography, btw, knowing nothing of Kafka....

I went to Finding Dory last weekend (3D) and it inspired me to try to find a long lost father. I had been identifying with Dory from Finding Nemo. I'd had a Traumatic Closed Head Injury in 1993 in a car crash that killed my husband, and for nearly 10 years I had some gradually less noticeable effects such as short term memory deficit from that injury. Counseling had given me tools to deal with that, such as writing things down, and I practiced plenty of training for my memory, btw over the years.... I also identified with Dory's ability to communicate with whales. That is another very long story....

It was my family doctor's nurse who made disparaging sounds when I explained to their queries about my family medical history that I have only 1/4 of it. The nurse apparently had no idea how somebody could lose 3/4 of her family medical history. So, now I am trying to find at least 1/2 of it, but I suspect there will be much suspicion when I contact said missing family members. But his grandparents/parents knew I existed, as did his wife. She had come to our house to sell photos and saw my biological father's picture on my mother's table. She asked why her man's photo was there....

I would also like to get a photo of a younger man so I could try to find myself in his visage. I know I only look partly like my own mother, who is now deceased, btw....

On another topic, I am waiting for our riding mower to come back from the shop where it is undergoing routine maintenance plus some extra fixing. In the meantime, I must use our push mower to keep the jungle back on our one-acre plot of land. I also mow along the lane and have created a mini park across the street to allow better access to the creek for the neighborhood and dog-walkers who come by everyday. I need the exercise -- that's not the problem. It is just so humid and hot that I sweat buckets.

Twin Deer Again

For some reason the lady deer who deliver their babies in our 1 acre backyard have twins most years -- over the last 14 years. I think there was actually only one year I didn't see twin fawns, but my memory is not always accurate. This morning's attempts to capture pix netted two or three that were focused:

"Wreck-It Ralph" Viewing

On the "FREEFORM" channel in a couple minutes the 3 1/2 Star animated Disney film starts. From the IMDB description I wonder if it is the fantasy behind people thinking that Trump and Bush (the younger) were good ideas. Unfortunately, the title of the movie makes me worry that ISIS and the Taliban also draw fantastical strength from an idea that "wrecking things" somehow might possibly make a "better world"?

Shudder.... I will try to watch the movie now and get back to you on these first impressions.

Later Notes (5/15/16 3 PM): Sorry, but I fell asleep during this movie because it is, after all, made for juveniles, and because I am chronically short on sleep. I struggle with sleep deprivation every day, btw. This is why I unplug two of five phones during the day -- the ones for which the "Do Not Call" regime has no noticeable effect. By grabbing cat naps throughout the day I cobble together some set of 1/2 hour naps to equal perhaps 7 hours within 24 hours.

Now, back to the movie. It came out in 2012, so perhaps it speaks to Kim jung on's juvenile behaviors, for which no one can blame him since his is actually a young person. He needs guidance as to the ways of the world regarding socialization. Opting for destructive force as one's first response to imagined or perceived threats nets equally destructive reactions from the environment which one is trying to guard against, causing rather than preventing the outside boogeymen, so as to speak. This reminds me of the book Memory's Voice -- which I highly recommend. In it, the dysfunctional behaviors were caused by an expectation that the world was made of threatening, destructive, violent individuals and the dysfunctional individual did not feel comfortable with the world unless she actually caused such scenarios where she had not found them around herself.....

I am sorry that I fell asleep in the movie, but I also noticed the lessons for and about female behaviors as well as attitudes toward females, which is something Trump might have remembered before insulting females in his rhetorical rantings. Of course, he rails against the idea of having to be politically correct, but many of us cannot see how his worldview could be large enough to be able to handle the job he is seeking. We cringe to think of him being successful in his bid for the Presidency of the United States....

New Gig

Not much but rain happening here, and the new whirligig that I just made. It seems to fly more stably, so far, anyway. I feel it is easier to look at, as well as being silent.

Oh yeah. Just so you don't forget who I used to be, y'all.

Now back to your regularly (lol) scheduled programming:

Spring Chores

This is perhaps one of the busiest times of the year for me. Harvest time is also busy, but Spring Cleaning plus getting back into shape for yard work, plus Spring planting season all crowd together nowadays.

I still wistfully gaze at possible designs for generating electrons via friction from sand, with noise reduction ever in mind; plus ever keeping vibrations to a minimum on our hillside which could slide anytime it feels like it, helped along by wet clay during rainstorms....

Mother's Day was mildly amusing, which sometimes "is just what the doctor ordered," compared to end-of-the-world sci fi or cartoon characters, for a change.
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